Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] baffled at Charlotte's place
From: Devin Balkind
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 18:44:42 -0400

Discuss Civi with Outreach in 15 min.  Then need feedback from our server guys.  Then we're ready to get up an instance and configure.  It's all happening today/tomorrow.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 5:00 PM, Sam Boyer <> wrote:
drupal/civicrm is in the process of being thrown up by civicactions. i
got devin connected with folks from there yesterday. i don't have an ETA
- owen, if you've joined this list already, maybe you could clarify? or

On 10/18/11 10:12 AM, Charles Lenchner wrote:
> I’m at Charlotte’s place, checking my email and seeing the vast
> quantities of email. Insane. If anyone from the IWG is around and wants
> to hang out, explain what’s going on without using email, that would be
> great.
> Funny how sending one email a week to everyone OWS has touched is so far
> impossible, but sending x hundreds per day to folks who are heavily
> involved in unavoidable. Can’t wait to be part of the solution to that.
> In other news….
> Last Wednesday I met folks from the FLO and IWG, and I was told that
> Civicrm and the new website would be up, like, Thursday or Friday.
> Really really soon! I’m not complaining or criticizing about the
> timeline AT ALL but it would be great to have a succinct email before
> 5pm that answers those kinds of questions BEFORE we get started, so that
> the meeting isn’t taken up with spoken one way announcements.
> Charles

Devin Balkind