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From: Mark Belinsky
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 10:26:13 -0400
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Very cool list. Great to see the strategy.

I recommend against google moderator for the idea list. Good ideas get stuck at the bottom of the laundry list and tend not to rise, unless a troll forces an issue up. Instead, the @OccupyVotes site already has almost 10,000 votes and is open source and transparent. It's also able to be embedded if that's something people are interested in.


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Oct 18, 2011, в 10:15 AM, Evan Wagner <> написал(а):


Just because Ted doesn't agree it's a priority, don't forget Permabank!!!  We are still recruiting people to help... (I will be responding to some people who have already reached out this morning)



On Oct 18, 2011, at 8:10 AM, Ted Schulman <> wrote:

Hi all,

FLO open source has been working on a technical roadmap - i hope to start posting that to the updated nycga site today. Now that the data-center is almost setup we will be prioritizing functional additions - high on the list are constituent management  (CiviCRM), secure mail (Zimbra), human resource management (OrangeHR) and google docs replacement (Kune

FLO meets at 3:00 at Charlotte's Place. I plan to be at the 7:00 sub-group meeting.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:48 PM, Jake <> wrote:
This is great stuff, Charles. Godspeed. Some of these questions may
have some prelim answers already, so if you want to talk about any of
them, let me know.


On Oct 17, 9:36 am, "Charles Lenchner" <>
> Dear friends,
> Yesterday at the Internet Working Group meeting, one of the outcomes
> involved the creation of a subgroup devoted to 'digital strategy.' The
> details of what this group will do is not yet settled.
> Five of us met (alongside other subgroups of the IWG) to offer some
> guidelines for what will be accomplished. We were careful not to make
> decisions, but to ask the kinds of questions we felt needed to be addressed,
> but which had no 'home' within the #OWS NYC structure.
> Below this list are details about our next meeting and how to get involved.
> What is the new supporter engagement process when it takes place online?
> What technical means do we have to demonstrate our process?
> How do we want to document our process?
> How are we capturing traffic of people interested in our media?
> How are we capturing traffic of people looking for us physically? (This
> question is related to search and location based services)
> How can we improve the site rankings of our digital properties?
> Why does it make sense to have one domain name do better than the other, in
> terms of reach/popularity/ranking?
> What is the right priority of domain names for our purposes?
> What are the domains we have control over?
> What are the digital properties that we control/admire/collaborate with or
> influence?
> How do we scale the decision making process? How do we make the decision
> making process work for other constituencies and larger numbers? (the hard
> of hearing, the not physically present, under-represented voices, etc.)
> What (online) mechanisms exist for broader and deeper participation?
> How do we retain attention over the long term?
> What is our engagement and retention strategy?
> How do we give people the engagement they want?
> How can we do this non-coercively (not splash pages, not force-subscribes)
> How do we do it horizontally and democratically?
> How do we decide what (email+social media) messages go out and how?
> Should we fundraise aggressively in the future? With which tools and
> partners?
> What is our email strategy?
> What email segments make sense?
> What email segments are public for sign on/sign off?
> How do we meet communication needs of different audiences?
> Should we segment by checklist?
> Should #OWS use online advertising? If so, to what end?
> What is the compelling message? How can we map the historic significance of
> what we are doing? Can we help determine the stickiest language with A/B
> tests?
> How can we use google search terms to create content for our digital
> properties? (See what people are searching for, and create content
> accordingly)
> What should be on our about page?
> What's the tool to aggregate votes/opinions before stuff is built open
> source? (Google Moderator)
> Can we post ideas using Google Moderator as a way of soliciting feedback?
> Other comments:
> Digital Strategy is not in the role of telling or instructing others on what
> to do; we take on projects we ourselves will work on (in coordination with
> others, as relevant.)
> We have access to expertise that can be used to help other groups solve
> technical issues related to their work - we'd love to help with
> brainstorming.
> Our next meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7pm. This is scheduled two
> hours after the start time of the Internet Working Group. The location of
> this meeting will be at the info desk at Zuccotti Park at 5pm. Some of us
> will remain active with the IWG; we expect others to work with us directly
> and skip the IWG meetings. Our first meeting was heavy on the male
> demographic (as is the IWG in general). All are invited to participate.
> Please join our list serve please do contact me
> if you have questions. A highly technical background isn't necessary; we
> would like to see online campaigners, community organizers, web content
> managers, marketers, CIO's/CTO's and others join us. We also welcome
> representatives from other WG's curious about our work, or who have been
> doing similar things.
> During the week we expect the new website to roll out, and sometimes soon a
> CiviCRM will be in place to handle our email lists and mass emailing
> capacity. These are being handled by others in the IWG and the Open Source
> WG.
> The agenda for our Tuesday meeting is to turn our list of questions above
> into a prioritized workplan. We welcome input and draft proposals for any of
> these topics.
> We will post announcements of our work on the IWG listserv while keeping
> most of the discussion on our own listserve.
> Please forgive any unapproved edits to these notes or lack of clarity. I
> take responsibility for those.
> Charles Lenchner

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