Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Second try: Call for IWG "current" mail list administraiton assistance
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 21:45:36 -0700

As i'm not getting response to individuals that have been contacted directly to participate (probably because my direct e-mail is creeping people out, sorry); I'd like to open the invite for experienced mail list administrator assistance for the IWG list.  For folks that have been active and participating in the list to date, if you would please contact me so we can talk through the basic list management activities, that would be awesome.

As more robust tools for list management and administration come online from the working group projects; the need for daily administration will lessen. Today its about 10-15 minutes every 8 hours or so, having other people checking in over time will be helpful.

The current work involves walking through the moderated messages, sending greeting instructing people wanting to join the lists and announcing wanting to help. There is also the rejection of commercial e-mails attempting to market to the list.  This takes place outside of the e-mail you are seeing as non-member e-mails into the list are moderated to prevent spamming of the list.  It is part of the web based google groups interface.

Please respond if you are interested (or reply back to my creepy e-mail if you were contacted directly and are still interested).