Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Site thoughts
From: Chaz
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:01:41 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

Hi, folks,
This is purely my opinion.

   Nice job on getting the new site up, especially with the server
issues you had.
I would like to make a few suggestions. The menu tabs seem to get lost
with the current banner image due to its overall gray tone, and the
fact that the gaps between the tabs lessens its impact.
   On the front page, the activity log looks quite unprofessional, I
would expect to see a splash image related to an news article or
feature summary. A list of who joined the site makes this look like a
popularity contest or a blog. A widget on the sidebar showing this
information would be neat. When I logged onto the page and saw the
activity list, I honestly thought I had gotten sent to the wrong
section of the site, not the front page of the Movement. A home page
should grab your attention and make you want to stay. I see 'Activity'
and I think, "Oh, when's the next march!" I don't really care to see a
list of who signed up.
   As movement that is trying to change the world, people want to see
'Whats Happening Next!'. As a sidebar halfway down the page, under a
'give us money' button doesn't sit well with me. I would put the
button in its own box to draw attention to it and put a link right
above it that says, "Why donate?" or "What your donation can do". I
have designed Non-profit website before and the most effective ways of
collecting donations is to explain exactly what the money goes to and
how it helps. A whole separate page should be created to detail what
money has been used for and what sorts of efforts and programs will
benefit from the funds. On the bottom of that page, you can have a
button to donate and better yet, have selections to donaote in
predefined increments with an 'other amount' option.When I clicked on
donate and saw 'We Pay' I thought, is this the We Pay we like,or the
one that some guy is getting 8% of off the top? I had never heard of
We Pay until this site so I can see how someone would be confused and
think its s scam.
   Also, it seems to me the about page is very light on text. Many
people coming to the site, myself included, would like to learn what
the GA is actually about. The information is sparse, and if someone
comes here looking for information about why the GA has made a site
for Occupy Wall St. that connection is not very clear either. I'd
rather see more informative text on an about page, than a short blog
type blurb and a in icon ribbon.If the about page doesn't convey
confidence or a strong reason for existence people, supporters, press
will have a hard time explaining what we're about.
  The organization of the website and the relationship between NYGA/
OWS/AGJ are unclear. This site must make those ties clear- that is its
job. A lot of people visit the site looking for information and we
have to give it to them in a concise and visually appealing manner.

I like the banner picture.