Subject: [NYCGA Internet] V2 site feedback
From: felipe ribeiro
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 12:30:22 -0400
To: internet working group


great job with the site, it looks fantastic. I have some questions/feedback about the site, was going to post in the forum, but I didn't want to clutter the channel with meta/behind the scenes stuff: (and then I found the feedback form, so I submitted each of these there, but I am reposting here so other folks can see, discuss if need be)

1) You have probably already heard this, but: when I click on the title link (topic) of any post in the activity stream FROM THE MAIN PAGE, I get a Wordpress error message, saying:

"You are logged in already! No need to register again. The site you were looking for, does not exist".
The URL this message is posted at is:

I get this error message from the main page, but NOT when I am already on the group page, clicking on a given topic, or a given group name. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT I AM A MEMBER OF THAT GROUP, it happens regardless.

2) Zach worked hard to get the word "Protest" involved in the Title of the old version of the website. He said this change alone brought in an extra 180,000 unique visitors. He's an SEO expert, can somebody talk to him about optimizing the Title again?

3) I really like the tag field, it will allow people to find similarities for projects. I've noticed that it would be GREAT to have a Wiki for groups to self add relevant information - exisiting forums, assets, contacts, example projects/resources, current projects, ideas, etc. When you click on a group landing page, there is room for a description, but it would be great to have a Wiki linked to from that description, that was all encompassing, and extensive. Can you put it in a subdirectory, ie,, etc etc etc??? This would help immensely with getting people up to speed with what the current projects/intent/obstacles for each group is. I think having a "status" field (as is on the site currently) is insufficient for this, especially if only the admins have access. Wiki!! please?? I'd be happy to help organizing this, and going to each different group and showing them how to use it, if that makes sense.

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!