Subject: [NYCGA Internet] server optimization work session co-ordination thread(October 19)
From: Tom Gillis
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 17:35:28 -0400
To: Internet Working Group <>, ows_solutions <>, Devin Balkind <>, Jake <>, "Dr.Ron Suarez" <>, Kevin <>, Chaz Cheadle <>, John Wojcik <>,, Ted Schulman <>, Joshua Whalen <>,,

Hi Folks -

Just want to see who's on board for a work session tonight on server
optimization.  I'd like to use this thread to coordinate time and
place where we can meet up in person or online.  I won't be able to
come to the city until later tonight, probably around 8 or 9 but I'll
be on skype.

We'll take things as they come but I think first step will be to
install adequate monitoring / profiling software on the server - from
there we'll probably want to do some apache tuning, and some mysql
tuning, and if we feel ambitious, maybe splitting off mysql into its
own server and setting up master / slave replication.

There's also a lot of housekeeping that needs to happen on the server
- setting up user groups and creating a sane permissions structure so
that git / apache /developers can read / write all the stuff they

I'd also like to get puppet or something like it up and running soon
so that migration / cloning of this server can happen easily (but that
can wait until we have a configuration that we're happy with).

Please chime in with your availability for tonight.

skype: twgillis76
phone 347 765 5233 (but pls txt, I'm going to be heads-down in client
work and probably won't answer)