Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Occupy The Media cross post - Coordinating, etc
From: Dallas
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 00:29:41 -0400

I would love to chat sometime about livestream studio.


On Oct 19, 2011 4:53 PM, "Melissa Ulto" <> wrote:

I'm posting this post i put in the Occupy The Media group
( which i think has many members in
this group as well. Just to clarify what we are doing and invite cross-
coordination, resource sharing, etc:

hi everyone

we are trying to form several things at once across several groups, in
many locations. so please have patience. amazing things are going on.
from the launch of Global Revolutions TV and their studio to the
connection of 100s of livestream Occupies last Saturday. this group is
defining itself, in light of other efforts, and i think our major
focus is on doing what Occupy has done for Wall St to the media. a
media watch group. following the money, getting to the root of who
owns what, and how that affects the news.

and of course, also making our own content.

a recent proposal by a group in St Louis is to start a 99% News
Network where each Occupy does a daily report. i think its fantastic,
with Jason Counts leading the effort.

i also want to say i'm available to any Occupy worldwide to train you
on advanced usage of the livestream studio or usage of BoinxTV as a
producing environment. i believe we are working on creating a self
starter package for any Occupy to start broadcasting at CNN production
levels, with graphics, etc.

can i just say i am so glad i am alive to see this day? to see citizen
journalism explode and the people take back the media - Marshall
McLuhan would be proud.

those are some of the efforts. of course, we should be organizing into
specific subgroups and focusing on forward movement, in coordination
with other groups.

remember, many hands make light work and when we make sure everyone
gets to talk, everyone finds it easier to listen. keep in mind these
beautiful, chaotic days in the hard work ahead and remember that we
are seeking to change the world, not replicate it anew.

peace and much love,