Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Fw: OWS Website and Community -
From: Sam Boyer
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:56:50 -0700

seems like we should plan to shift the redmine instance
( over there at some point too, then?

On 10/19/11 11:06 AM, Ted Schulman wrote:
Hi all,

The intent is to consolidate as much of our services at the Panix
datacenter. The nycga site is moved/being moved to Panix, we will be
adding additional services shortly including plans for open source Gmail
and Google Group alternatives (for
example: Open source
has just stated a wiki
at (this address
will be updated shortly). In the next couple of days we document
applications under consideration more closely.

There may be cases where loosely coupled software services will be used
for things like video streaming. It is highly unlikely that Ning would
fit our requirements as an open source system allowing us all control of
our data.


On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 2:03 PM, Chaz Cheadle <
<>> wrote:

    A point of clarification- I think we are talking about 2 different
    concepts here.
    The network equipment side of the website which serves the webpages
    and holds the data is hosted on Panix. As far as
    software/programs/solutions for the brains of the site(s), they will
    all be built on or around Free and Open Source platforms. Except for
    Gmail and this Google Group, everything so far is being built with
    FLO. We are pushing very strongly to adhere to FLO. As for loudfeed,
    I don't know if we have had a commitment from Mr. Ron whether or not
    it will remain a free service for us or if it will adhere to FLO, or
    if it will turn into a fee service.

    For to-dos, project tracking (not code oriented), document
    collaboration, calendaring, with user/group roles OpenAtrium could
    serve us well, as those seem to be the most immediate needs of our
    group and the other workgroups.


    On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 12:33 PM, Jonathan Hull <
    <>> wrote:

        Understood.  There could be a couple different options for the
        public-facing site to and while it's a hosted solution, you
        fully control
        the content/data/URL/look&feel/etc.

        Is there a way I could set up a brief demo downtown (I'm based
        in NY)
        tomorrow or Friday?



        650-833-8776 <tel:650-833-8776>

        On 10/18/11 11:04 AM, "Sam Boyer" <
        <>> wrote:

        >hi Jonathan,
        >i can't speak for the working group as a whole or anything, but
        i can
        >say that we're generally not interested in relying on any kind of
        >hosted/commercial service for our core discussions and
        networks. i think
        >that accurately echoes the sentiment of most of what i've seen
        >On 10/16/11 9:09 PM, Press wrote:
        >> I will forward the offer to our Internet team.
        >> PR Team
        >> Occupy Wall Street:
        <> <>
        >> New York General Assembly:
        >> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 12:03 AM, Jonathan Hull
        < <>
        >> < <>>> wrote:
        >>     Let's talk - prices start at $25/month but if you'd be
        willing to be
        >>     a press example, I could waive the fee for a period of
        time to get
        >>     you started.
        >>     I'm based in NY and would love to meet to show you a
        demo. I could
        >>     swing downtown tomorrow if it makes sense for you.
        >>     Thanks!
        >>     Jonathan
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        >>     Are you offering this service for free, or is this a paid
        >>     PR Team
        >>     Occupy Wall Street:
        >>     New York General Assembly:
        >>     On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Jonathan Hull
        < <>
        >>     < <>>> wrote:
        >>         Hey there,
        >>         Just following up on this and would love to help so
        please let
        >>         me know if you can meet for a demo or speak.
        >>         Thanks!
        >>         J
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        <> <
        >>         Subject: OWS Website and Community -
        >>         Hey OWS,
        >>         First off, I think what you've built is amazing and
        would love
        >>         to help with your current site and online community.
        >>         I work at Ning, which is the world's largest platform for
        >>         creating social websites and currently have over 100,000
        >>         communities live today.  What I do at Ning is help
        >>         artists, brands, etc. use our platform to grow and
        engage their
        >>         base.  We've had a great amount of success with
        Causes and I
        >>         would love to work with Occupy Wall St. to help launch an
        >>         awesome community for organizers and supporters.
        >>         I've attached a one-sheet with more information about
        Ning and
        >>         here are some examples that I hope you find helpful:
        >>         Politics/Causes:
        >>         Connected Peace Corps - 
        >>         Community of over 24,000 former Peace Corps volunteers
        >>         T. Boone Pickens "Pickens Plan" - 
        >>         Alternative energy army with over 200,000 members
        >>         IAVA's "Community of Veterans" - -
        >>         Private network of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans
        >>         Joe Sestak for Senate Case Study
        >>         - - Network
        >>         after campaign
        >>         Obama Alumni Network - -
        >>         network for alumni of the 2008 Obama/Biden campaign
        >>         I'd love to set up a call or meeting to discuss more
        in detail
        >>         and give you a proper demo next week.  I'm based in
        Brooklyn and
        >>         would be happy to meet when/where is most convenient
        for you.
        >>         Thanks!
        >>         Jonathan Hull
        >>         Director of Partner Marketing
        >> <> <>
        >>         650-833-8776 <tel:650-833-8776> <tel:650-833-8776