Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] redmine is UP
From: Sam Boyer
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:51:13 -0700

and i've now updated it so that you don't have to have your account
manually approved by an administrator, and can create projects with any
level of registered account. so folks can go nuts. i figure, better to
keep it open for now and then lock things down then have peoples'
enthusiasm stymied by waiting in silly approval queues.

On 10/19/11 11:57 AM, Sam Boyer wrote:
hi folks,

sorry for the delay, i know i said we'd have this monday, but it's here
now. we have a redmine instance set up that we can all start to use to
track our projects. it can be found at:

per my original email, it's being hosted by mayfirst (and a big thanks
to ross and gdl who worked through some very odd gem dependencies and
fcgi lib issues to get it up!) and is set up so that any of us can use
it to track the progress on a project. my recommendation would be that
you use either this, or bettermeans, or both, for your project. all you
gotta do is go, create an account, and start up a new project.

the docs on the site itself are a little light, but you can have a look
at for a bit of background and a demo, etc. if
you're having a particular question, ask this list or (probably better
for a more direct response) ping me (sdboyer) in #nycga-iwg on freenode.