Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] we need some folks to help out setting up our scalable wordpress deployment
From: Kevin
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 09:19:26 -0400

I agree that a tiered cluster with machine classes is more scalable going forward but one wp install with that number of users killing you sounds fishy.

Are you using fastcgi so you reuse procs?
Are you caching php binaries?
How many mysql procs are running?
Are you going to use drbd for the mysql replication?

You may want to look at the smaps on your php pids to see what they are doing.


On Oct 19, 2011 8:55 AM, "Tom Gillis" <> wrote:
At 16GB we aren't.  We were at 2 gb (enough that the site was unusable
with just the 5 or 6 admins hitting it).
php.ini memory limit is 128 M (which I think is standard).
And yeah, I generally can run dozens of php sites on a 2 or 4 gb box
(usually Cake / CodeIgniter sites) I think this kind of hogging is one
of the special things about Wordpress.

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:48 AM, Chaz Cheadle <> wrote:
> 16GB Ram and you're seeing hogging?
> Have you upped the PHP.ini memory limit?
> Are you going to be using HyperDB?
> We run 30+ live Drupal sites on 4GB of Ram, so 1 WP site should not be
> killing your resources unnecessarily.
> chaz
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:33 AM, Tom Gillis <> wrote:
>> And I feel like "scalable wordpress deployment" is a little bit of an
>> oxymoron - but:
>> good news - we have the nycga 2.0 site up, and the functionality is
>> all working as expected.
>> bad news - we needed to rush deployment so that working groups could
>> start using new features, but wordpress is killing the cpu / memory on
>> the server (a 16gb virual box) and we know that a single server
>> hosting setup is not going to be viable.
>> caching doesn't help us much since most of the content is dynamic, and
>> near-real time - it's wordpress with budypress on top so there's tons
>> of forums, and social-networky activity feeds.
>> what we need:
>> 1 - move mysql to its own server, and set up master / slave
>> replication (2 virtual servers)
>> 2 - set up a shared file hosting server for user-uploaded images - nfs
>> mounts to a single box (1 box)
>> 3 - setting up load-balanced web frontends with sticky sessions (4
>> virtual boxes probably)
>> I'm hoping to find a few people who will volunteer to work with
>> internet group, either in nyc or remotely, over the next 72 hrs to
>> make a push to get this infrastructure in place.  in parallel, we'll
>> be making code optimizations to the site.  (lots of low-hanging fruit
>> here, like minifying js and css).   i'm hoping to find somebody who
>> can set up one aspect of the infrastructure and I'll hook them up with
>> a cloned version of the production server, which they can modify to
>> fulfill one of these other roles - then we can deploy that back into
>> the main infrastructure.   I'm probably going to be asleep until
>> around 1pm nyc time, but I'm hoping to have some volunteers by the
>> time I come back. And right now we really need people who can free up
>> most of their time for the rest of the week on this (we're literally
>> working around the clock in nyc so you'll have people to coordinate
>> with no matter where / when you're available)
>> Any takers?