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Daily Occupations Report_10/19

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where
additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where
applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal
battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1
[police crackdowns] and Category 2 [civil disobedience arrests]

Wall St.**Reports today that occupiers could face eviction due to
neighbor complaints about drumming at Liberty Square. There is a city
council meeting today to decide what happens. CALL TO ACTION:
Mediators (poc especially) are needed as issues of race/ethnicity have
risen from the drumming complaints.

Atlanta **Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed extended an executive order
allowing Occupy Atlanta protesters to remain in Woodruff Park after 11
p.m. Last week, Reed issued a five-day order that expired Monday at 5
p.m. The new order allows protesters to stay at Woodruff Park through
the next Atlanta City Council meeting on November 7. The protesters
have been in the downtown park for 10 days. CALL TO ACTION: Atlanta
occupiers need supplies to help them make it through the winter.
They’re asking for winter caps (beanies/toboggans), sweaters, hoodies,
long sleeve shirts, scarves, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, hand-
warming packs, long johns/thermals, tarps, rope, stakes, hammers,
tents (preferably large, perhaps canvas/military-style).

Boston**TODAY: Legendary environmental activist will speak @ 5:30pm
and Kevin Devine will be stopping by to play some tunes and help out
with Food Not Bombs @ 3pm.  FRIDAY @ 6pm: Occupy the Hood Boston
(OTHB) will hold a community speak-out/rally asking Occupy Boston to
join them in discussing issues facing people of color. *People of
color, particularly Black People, are disproportionately affected by
the issues that the Occupy Movement has raised. Occupy The Hood Boston
seeks to not only address those issues but present solutions to our
collective problems and effect changes in policy that will improve the
quality of life for all people.* Occupy the Hood is a movement that
has risen to both stand in solidarity with #OWS and to engage people
of color, while also diversifying the conversation about the other
99%.  Local movements are providing a forum to address the economic/
racial/social justice issues affecting p.o.c. and are also joining
local justice fights. CALL TO ACTION: Contact Mayor Ted Gatsas -
(603)-624-6500, and Governor John Lynch (603)-271-2121 to show your
support for Occupiers in Albert Square.

Chicago**This is coming from a tweet by hip-hop star, Lupe Fiasco:
Students at Orr High School in Chicago are occupying their school!

Cincinnati**14 [Cat.1] citations issued overnight.

DC**[Not Occupy, but of interest] More than 400 SEIU nurses took to
Capitol Hill today to meet with their members of congress and deliver
recommendations for the "super committee" describing the imminent
danger of any additional cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

Denver**Still collecting the signatures to stop the arrests at Occupy
Denver. Goal for Saturday: 10,000 signatures. CALL TO ACTION: Sign the
petition at

Detroit**At Occupy the Hood Detroit today, a citizen spoke about her
fight to save her daughter. Maryanne Goldboldo chose a medical doctor
experienced in combining traditional & alternative therapies to treat
her daughter Ariana.  For that decision, Maryanne was reported to
Child Protective Services (CPS), who involved The Detroit Police
Department (DPD). Godboldo was arrested and her bond was set at
$500,000. CPS took Ariana & placed her in a state institution (where
she was medicated). For more info

Houston**Legendary comic and Civil Rights activist *Dick Gregory*
stops by to speak to the folks at Occupy Houston about BP and the
magic of the Occupy movement earlier today! Image:

Los Angeles**SEIU members drop by Occupy LA this morning to show

New Hampshire**ONH facing eviction and possible arrest (overnight
10/19).  They were given until 11pm ET to vacate Veterans Park in
Manchester.  Members of Occupy Boston are en route to Manchester now
to support Occupy New Hampshire. CALL TO ACTION: You can support them
by calling Mayor Ted Gatsas at 603-624-6500; Chief of Parks Peter
Capano at 603-624-6565; and Chief of Police David Mara at 603-668-8711
and respectfully asking them not to evict the protestors. (Again,
please be respectful!) Finally, keep an eye on Occupy New Hampshire’s

Portland**Portland Poverty Awareness March Fri. Oct. 21 11:30AM

Raleigh**Occupy Raleigh asking for help to fight eviction.CALL TO
ACTION 1: Please email Mayor and City Council Members – *Thank them
for their support of our occupation request - Ask them to extend their
support to the state level by contacting their state representatives*.
You can contact Raleigh Mayor, Charles Meeker at: Go to
for a complete list of contact info for Raleigh City Council and State
Reps. CALL TO ACTION 2: Occupy Raleigh is looking for people
interested in teaching or with recommendations for teachers to send a
message. Message your email (via twitter) to @OccupyNCSU

San Francisco**Occupy San Francisco “stopped by” the San Francisco
Police Commissions meeting Wednesday night. After some mild confusion
and a brief walk-out (by the Police Commission), the public comments
part of the session continued and OSF members relayed their outrage
about SFPD removing tents and making arrests at Justin Herman Plaza.
TODAY: Economist and activist Robert Reich showed up at Occupy SF’s
Justin Herman Plaza camp to give the troops a pep talk, saying they
are part of a movement that will change American society. The former
secretary of labor under the Clinton administration and current
professor at UC Berkeley encouraged demonstrators to stay the course
of patient and peaceful protesting.

Worldwide: Global total for arrests related to Occupy movement hit
1896 last night.

UK**St. Paul's Cathedral says it may be time for the OccupyLSX
protesters gathered outside the iconic church to leave.


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