Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Mobilizing
From: Nathan Freitas
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:45:41 -0400

How can I contribute to getting a mobile wordpress/buddypress theme
customized and installed on the new NYCGA site? I really haven't been
able to be physically present for long, or contribute much at this point
to the core work, and would like to make this happen.

Currently, there are a number of mostly poor apps in the Android Market,
and only 1 in the iOS App Store, and they aren't really representing the
content of NYCGA specifically at all. Most importantly critical
organizing tools like the calendar or minutes, are difficult to find via
navigation on a mobile deive.

There are a number of options out there which I have deployed many times
before, that support access to devices ranging from a pre-paid
Blackberry up to an iPad.

I think as most people are looking for information while on site, or in
motion through NYC, we should do our best to support those types of
users, instead of focusing solely on laptop-based access.

In addition to this, I am nearly ready with my "mobile guide to occupy"
content, and could include a page on the new site which offers links for
downloads to various useful tools.

Finally, at RNC 2004, Indymedia hosted a voice-based system (through
Asterisk) anyone could call into which provided recent updates, calendar
info, etc via RSS feeds, etc, that really provided broad access to all
people interested. This is something that could also be done relatively
quickly via a self-hosted Asterisk instance (i already have one live at or through a cloud-service like TWilio.

All the best, and keep up the amazing work,
  Nathan / n8fr8