Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: PROPOSAL: GA Teleconferencing Multicast (@occupytechnology)
From: planetary_io
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 11:31:10 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

Outfuckingstanding.  What bit rate are you getting? MP3 is great for
interop for archiving, but as a streaming codec it's total dogshit.
You want something like QCELP or AMR-NB if any streaming protocol.
Optimally an uncompressed / unlicensed storage container & codec too,
but we have to prioritize Interop for the People.

We'd like to set up a trial using E2E PSTN & terminal native dialer.
Trust us when we say that the codec efficiency & noise cancellation
you get from the OEM image/chipset integration murders any over the
top VoIP solution.

We're looking into some SIP gateway providers but the much preferred
path - getting PSTN HW interfaces up on the Asterisk server seems
prohibitive from a cost & governance perspective.  That's why we were
investigating E2E solutions as a first step, so we don't have physical
server dependencies or have to trade off to a SIP gateway/codec
transcoding ugliness or something.

We don't advise utilizing many remote physical resources, we don't see
how those fit with direct democratic governance operationally.

Thus our preference for utilizing E2E PSTN as an operational trial, at

Have you evaluated any indie teleconf services or SIP gateways?  Our
theoretical knowledge exceeds our knowledge of the commercial options.

On Oct 20, 11:16 am, Nathan Freitas <> wrote:

I have some of the People's PBX concept in hacking working order up at: code here:

You dial-into one of the numbers from any phone, than many many people
can open the mobile optimized mp3 stream via:

It also does mp3 archiving.

I had multiple dial-in numbers available (can get more for $5 / month)
that are linked into an Asterisk server.

In turn this is linked to a lo-fi MP3 only audio stream, which even
prepaid blackberry devices from Boost can listen to. It would be great
to also have this linked to thousands of in-bound PSTN channels, and I
can make that happen, just didn't have the budget for it.

Would love to support your efforts in any way you see fit.


On 10/20/2011 01:20 PM, planetary_io wrote:

We have posted an initial proposal for investigation of
teleconferencing systems for multicast of GAs to occupytechnology.

The goal is to most cheaply / efficiently provide widest possible,
highest quality access to real-time GA proceedings for the "curious"
and off-site folks in solidarity. It has ancillary benefits like
providing for recording/remote transcription / user feedback.

We consider this an alternative to technically flawed and expensive
(to many 99%) "internet radio" and video streaming options, and hope
you will consider this as a more resource-friendly option.

- We are investigating some options for sourcing & systems design
- We will propose some specific implementations based on test vendors
- We are willing to coordinate and fund trials, maybe even production
- We don't necessarily need GA participation or approval for this,
just coordination on the ground to max reach;.

But feedback from active GA participants and those familiar with
diverse field constraints would be very helpful, for utility's sake
maybe we drive that to the OccupyTech forums:

Link again: