Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Working People's Group--Add to Calendar
From: Jake
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 06:58:55 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

The group has been added to the Groups directory. Please join the
group, then let me know so I can make you an admin. As an admin, you
will be able to create your own events.

On Oct 19, 9:48 am, luna scarano <> wrote:

Thanks so much for putting it on the calendar!!

Unfortunately, it is now not on the events listing that
is redirecting to.

If you could add it that would be awesome!!

thanks, luna

My name is luna and I am starting a Working People's group.  I am thinking
it will start out as a discussion group, and all of us involved will decide
whether we want to bring it to the GA to become a thematic or working
group.  The rationale is below, and I am wondering if you could *add these
2 meeting times to the internet calendar and info desk (and let interested
ppl know)*:

*This Thursday*   10/20    9pm    Meet at big red statue in corner of the
square and then we can move
*This Sunday*       10/23    4pm    Same meeting place

 *Working People's Group*
For those who would like to stay involved in #OcuupyWallStreet but have to
work elsewhere for most of the day/night.
 This group will start out as a discussion group to brainstorm on:
1. How to stay involved in the Occupation while also having to work
2. How to meaningfully contribute to the movement
3. How it feels to be working wage labor while also fighting for economic
4. What this movement can mean outside of the physical square
5. How to attract other workers
6. How to healthfully balance time
7. Whatever else we come up with!

Contact me if you have any questions, concerns, blocks   lol

917 566 4963