Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] 10-20 MEDIA AGENDA
From: Alexander Penley
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 15:18:56 -0400

This lawyer friend's on top of it- is this a consensus RE: and from whom do I get the funding for registration- also- don't worry I WILL NOT use go(tohell)daddy....

On 20 October 2011 15:13, <> wrote:
TODAY's Media Events: NEED CREW

Direct action 5pm leave for public school 41 hearing at 7pm over the Spectra Methane Pipeline. Civil participation in the hearing. Add to gdocs and go shoot it.

4:00pm Facilitator mtg: 60 wall st. NEED FILM CREW - sound and another camera if possible to shoot w me?

Tonight's MEDIA MEETING 5pm Location? I'll add to

5:30 GA at wash 2 park??

6pm Open forum Debt, enslavement and Capital Punishment @red sculpture Full crew.

6pm politics and electoral reform @library
6:30 outreach mtg NEED a REP THERE***

Tonight mtg.
Sugg. Agenda among others in the minutes from tues mtg.

-Self assign shifts for next few days shoots.
"Viva voluntaryism".

-The media area configuration re: Security culture, expanding resources to community, theft.

-Outreach to professional producer/shooters for mentorship/co-produce using google form to intake info.

-Shift signup sheets-work with outreach to recruit the public

I.E. Need a Messenger at all times listed on the web for ows media emails/phone calls, and coordination with training + shoots at that time.

-Domain names-wallstreetprotestmedia? I think occupytvny is a news show among many others in a channel with a broader name like occupy media.

We need YESTERDAY-spread the word to lawyer friends.

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