Subject: [NYCGA Internet] CORRECTION Re: REQUEST TO POST TEACH-IN: Participatory Budgeting Teach-in - Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 6pm
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:04:15 -0400
To: Jillian Buckley <>, Jake DeGroot <>, internet working group <>
CC: Josh Lerner <>, Mike Menser <>

To Jillian, Jake, and The Internet Work Group:

A mistake was made on the Meet-Up Directions for our Sunday (Oct 23rd) Teach-in on Participatory Budgeting.

Can you make the following correction to the event as it is written at the following link?

The Meet-up Directions should say that we are meeting at the Red Cube Across the Street (SEE directly below)

We will meet near the Big RED CUBE at ACROSS THE STREET from Liberty Square.
Look for someone holding a sign that says "PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING TEACH-IN"

I will try to have someone with a big sign at the other location directing people over to the Red Cube BUT if you are able to make this correction that would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.


Quoting Jillian Buckley <>:

And here's a facebook event:

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 10:25 PM, Jillian Buckley

Fliers would be great! I was hoping to do this myself, but the outreach
printing budget is somewhat frozen at the moment, as we try to figure out
some infrastructure stuff. Is there anyway you could bring some fliers by
the outreach table tomorrow, and I'll make sure they get out?

Either of those locations sound good to me. I know Charlotte's Place has
been increasingly crowded, so we might just want to check on the space ahead
of time before bringing a group there.

The only thing I can think of for after the teach-in is just taking
questions. It'd be great if you could devote 10 to 15 minutes to that, if
you're up for it.

One other thing, any chance either of you have a video camera or have
someone coming who does? Media has been stretched pretty thin these days,
and it might be easier if I or someone else just record the teach-in and
then get it to them, rather than getting someone from media to come. I'm
going to ask around about this, but if either of you have an idea that would
be great!

And I think that's it. I'll be over at the red cube at quarter of, but just
in case, my number is 617 365 9266.

Thanks so much for educating all of us :)


On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 2:06 PM, <> wrote:

Thanks, Jillian!!

I was planning on doing the following:

--making some fliers to pass around
--making a big sign that we can hold up near the red structure which is
where we are asking people to meet-up at 5:30pm
--making some announcements using the mic check tool

If you can make some mic check announcements that would be great. Thanks!

I was also thinking that depending on the size of the group we may want to
take them to the space near Trinity Church or to Charlotte's Place for the
teach-in.  Does that make sense? Any thoughts?

Anything else Josh and I should think of before doing the teach-in? Or
anything we need to consider both during and after the teach-in?


Quoting Jillian Buckley <>:

 Hi Vincent,

This event had been up on the nycga calendar since I booked it with Mike,
but it looks like it was lost in the switch to the new site. I just added
again, so that should be all set. I'm not sure about how to add it to

I'm going to make sure info has the event, and mic check this in the
right beforehand. I was going to ask you guys to meet me at the outreach
table at 5:30ish, but it sounds like you know your way around the area.
me know how else I can help you get set up.

Looking forward to your talk,
617 365 9266

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Vincent Villano <

 Dear OWS Internet Work Group Member*:

*My name is Vinny and I am planning to co-facilitate a teach-in with
(cc:ed to this email) at* 6pm on Sunday, October 23rd.*

Below this message is the description that we were requested to provide
a OWS participant who you may know - Jillian. (I have cc:ed Jillian to

Please post this event on the calendars on the OWS and NYCGA websites so
that people are aware of it.  Thank you.

Vinny V.*


Public Control Over Public Money: Participatory Budgeting Arrives in

Frustrated with how the government spends taxpayer money? Think you
could do better? Participatory budgeting gives YOU the power to decide
public spending. It is a democratic process, first developed in the
Brazil, in which community members directly decide how to spend part
of a public budget. Since 1990, it has spread to over 1,000 cities
around the world. This fall, four NY City Council Members and over 40
community organizations launched the largest participatory budgeting
process in the US. Over the next six months, thousands of residents in
four city districts are deciding how to spend around $6 million. We
expect this pilot process to expand next year.


Josh Lerner, The Participatory Budgeting Project
Vincent Villano, Community Voices Heard (

*DATE: *Sunday, October 23rd*
TIME: *6pm*
LOCATION: *Meet by Red Structure Across the Street from Liberty Square

(depending on the size of the group we may have the teach-in where we
up or the area by Trinity Church or Charlotte's Place)*