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I totally agree that it would be very important to have a feed of this easily available. Very encouraging to hear what others are doing and how we can help from afar, with phone #'s and links.

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it would be great to have a feed of this somewhere on the site - like
using sboyer's rss app w/ the list of occupations that dave winer

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> Would this type of content be appropriate for the website?
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> Daily Occupations Report_10/19
> This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
> across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
> organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where
> additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where
> applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal
> battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1
> [police crackdowns] and Category 2 [civil disobedience arrests]
> Wall St.**Reports today that occupiers could face eviction due to
> neighbor complaints about drumming at Liberty Square. There is a city
> council meeting today to decide what happens. CALL TO ACTION:
> Mediators (poc especially) are needed as issues of race/ethnicity have
> risen from the drumming complaints.
> Atlanta **Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed extended an executive order
> allowing Occupy Atlanta protesters to remain in Woodruff Park after 11
> p.m. Last week, Reed issued a five-day order that expired Monday at 5
> p.m. The new order allows protesters to stay at Woodruff Park through
> the next Atlanta City Council meeting on November 7. The protesters
> have been in the downtown park for 10 days. CALL TO ACTION: Atlanta
> occupiers need supplies to help them make it through the winter.
> They’re asking for winter caps (beanies/toboggans), sweaters, hoodies,
> long sleeve shirts, scarves, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, hand-
> warming packs, long johns/thermals, tarps, rope, stakes, hammers,
> tents (preferably large, perhaps canvas/military-style).
> Boston**TODAY: Legendary environmental activist will speak @ 5:30pm
> and Kevin Devine will be stopping by to play some tunes and help out
> with Food Not Bombs @ 3pm.  FRIDAY @ 6pm: Occupy the Hood Boston
> (OTHB) will hold a community speak-out/rally asking Occupy Boston to
> join them in discussing issues facing people of color. *People of
> color, particularly Black People, are disproportionately affected by
> the issues that the Occupy Movement has raised. Occupy The Hood Boston
> seeks to not only address those issues but present solutions to our
> collective problems and effect changes in policy that will improve the
> quality of life for all people.* Occupy the Hood is a movement that
> has risen to both stand in solidarity with #OWS and to engage people
> of color, while also diversifying the conversation about the other
> 99%.  Local movements are providing a forum to address the economic/
> racial/social justice issues affecting p.o.c. and are also joining
> local justice fights. CALL TO ACTION: Contact Mayor Ted Gatsas -
> (603)-624-6500, and Governor John Lynch (603)-271-2121 to show your
> support for Occupiers in Albert Square.
> Chicago**This is coming from a tweet by hip-hop star, Lupe Fiasco:
> Students at Orr High School in Chicago are occupying their school!
> Cincinnati**14 [Cat.1] citations issued overnight.
> DC**[Not Occupy, but of interest] More than 400 SEIU nurses took to
> Capitol Hill today to meet with their members of congress and deliver
> recommendations for the "super committee" describing the imminent
> danger of any additional cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.
> Denver**Still collecting the signatures to stop the arrests at Occupy
> Denver. Goal for Saturday: 10,000 signatures. CALL TO ACTION: Sign the
> petition at
> Detroit**At Occupy the Hood Detroit today, a citizen spoke about her
> fight to save her daughter. Maryanne Goldboldo chose a medical doctor
> experienced in combining traditional & alternative therapies to treat
> her daughter Ariana.  For that decision, Maryanne was reported to
> Child Protective Services (CPS), who involved The Detroit Police
> Department (DPD). Godboldo was arrested and her bond was set at
> $500,000. CPS took Ariana & placed her in a state institution (where
> she was medicated). For more info
> Houston**Legendary comic and Civil Rights activist *Dick Gregory*
> stops by to speak to the folks at Occupy Houston about BP and the
> magic of the Occupy movement earlier today! Image:
> Los Angeles**SEIU members drop by Occupy LA this morning to show
> support
> New Hampshire**ONH facing eviction and possible arrest (overnight
> 10/19).  They were given until 11pm ET to vacate Veterans Park in
> Manchester.  Members of Occupy Boston are en route to Manchester now
> to support Occupy New Hampshire. CALL TO ACTION: You can support them
> by calling Mayor Ted Gatsas at 603-624-6500; Chief of Parks Peter
> Capano at 603-624-6565; and Chief of Police David Mara at 603-668-8711
> and respectfully asking them not to evict the protestors. (Again,
> please be respectful!) Finally, keep an eye on Occupy New Hampshire’s
> livefeed.
> Portland**Portland Poverty Awareness March Fri. Oct. 21 11:30AM
> Raleigh**Occupy Raleigh asking for help to fight eviction.CALL TO
> ACTION 1: Please email Mayor and City Council Members – *Thank them
> for their support of our occupation request - Ask them to extend their
> support to the state level by contacting their state representatives*.
> You can contact Raleigh Mayor, Charles Meeker at:
> Go to
> for a complete list of contact info for Raleigh City Council and State
> Reps. CALL TO ACTION 2: Occupy Raleigh is looking for people
> interested in teaching or with recommendations for teachers to send a
> message. Message your email (via twitter) to @OccupyNCSU
> San Francisco**Occupy San Francisco “stopped by” the San Francisco
> Police Commissions meeting Wednesday night. After some mild confusion
> and a brief walk-out (by the Police Commission), the public comments
> part of the session continued and OSF members relayed their outrage
> about SFPD removing tents and making arrests at Justin Herman Plaza.
> TODAY: Economist and activist Robert Reich showed up at Occupy SF’s
> Justin Herman Plaza camp to give the troops a pep talk, saying they
> are part of a movement that will change American society. The former
> secretary of labor under the Clinton administration and current
> professor at UC Berkeley encouraged demonstrators to stay the course
> of patient and peaceful protesting.
> Worldwide: Global total for arrests related to Occupy movement hit
> 1896 last night.
> UK**St. Paul's Cathedral says it may be time for the OccupyLSX
> protesters gathered outside the iconic church to leave.
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