Subject: Would like to come to a meeting and invite you to one
From: Christian Smith-Socaris
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 20:27:51 -0400


My name is Christian and I work on outreach.  We're trying to get together all the communications related working groups to get everyone up to speed on what people are working on, what their needs are, and generally how we can better coordinate to get the word out and get people involved.  Outreach obviously hears a lot from people in the community and the need for better coordination and findability of information is a persistent request.  I'm hoping to start attending other groups meetings toward these same ends and would like to come to your next one; if possible please tell me when that is.

Also, a more detailed invite will follow, but we're tentatively planning to have the large communications group meeting next Wed. at 7:30.  We hope that many people from the journal group can attend.