Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: (OWS is over after Tuesday) Fwd: Drumming, Urine,
From: Urbaned
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 21:23:51 -0700 (PDT)
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A humble pov from someone far away (CA). As soon as OWS began, I became enthralled with its, and I still am. When it began, I also thought ahead to the time when a conflict would arise, as invariably does - even when people are working together. Having experienced the benefits of "Restorative Justice" circles, I immediately created a Restorative Justice livestream channel. Recently, I created a RJ group. 

RJ is NOT the same as mediation. The difference is that in RJ, the "victim" is heard and supported until feeling justice. Here are the steps in a nutshell. RJ 1. focuses on harms and consequent needs (the victims', as well as the communities and offenders); 2. Addresses obligations resulting from those harms (the offenders, but also the communities and the society's); 3. Uses inclusive, collaborative processes; 4. Involves those with a legitimate stake in the situation (victims, offenders, community members, society); and, 5. Seeks to put right the wrongs. All of these principles must be rooted in respect for others.

It's no wonder that in our world today, people are disrespectful. We've been sold a bill of goods and harmed (by the 1%). We have learned to distrust one another and rip one another off to get ahead. We've been taught that "power" is the key to life - while actually, peaceful coexistence is the key.

With this being said, I would suggest a streaming RJ session - not mediation behind closed doors. I would like to hear and see the drummers points of view. I would like to hear and see the occupiers. Later on, I'd also like to see and hear the local community's perspectives. 

If drummers truly believe that their rights to drum outside of reasonable curfews prevails, then maybe they will disrupt the settlement. However, I would like to hear the voices of many of the people who will be affected and their feelings about this. Somehow or another, I think that Restorative Justice can be the key to a new society.

One last note: many of the disenfranchised in our society were sent out to the streets decades ago. There are people from ALL levels of life with psychological problems. In a better world, learning respect for one another and Restorative Justice principles will be taught from an early age. It may help the neurons to better learn how to relate to others - without belligerence, distrust and disrespect. I pray our movement can begin implementing this close-to-ideal kind of society (where Restorative Justice Circles are as common as going out for a latte - and more edifying). Good luck!!