Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Budget rough draft +
From: Vince
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:19:31 -0400
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Great list. I will be back in the trenches tomorrow brother . Long weekend lots of work! See you guys maƱana

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Here is a rough draft of a media budget related to shooting video, capturing footage and creating editing pieces. This is a draft document so please add your comments, questions, etc so we can discuss this at future meetings, come to concensus and bring it to the GA or spokes council. Rather than make too many notes via e-mails I suggest that we pick a day next week where we make budget an agenda item and we discuss the issues then. Additiona note - thie prices refelct purchasing items new and naturally every effort to find used, discount, donations, etc would be made before purchasing new items. It seems that one of the great4est impediments we have to functioning smoothly is equipment to tranfer footage to and cut on.

This budget does not include items for the media area in general such as ideas for lockers, security camera's (crazy idea if you ask me), etc as the media area is connected to a number of working groups (PR, info, outreach and media) and any items that will be used by all should not come exclusively out of one budget.

On a separate note, please remember to add any lost, broken or stolen items to the list being circulated at the meetings - which we should upload - so that this can be presented to the finance working group and possible action can be taken. Also - add any items that media needs from shipping and receiving to the circulating doc so that we can request them at one time.

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