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Subject: Re: USGP-INT Socialism, Pachamama and Indigenous Rights: Bolivia, Peru and TIPNIS
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Thank you Romi for this very informative briefing on the tense situation in Bolivia.  I have been following this dispute and it is a complex matter. There are legitimate disputes that must be resolved among the diverse indigenous populations of Bolivia, as these reports attest. But the real danger is from outside intervention, which is inevitable due to the powerful forces seeking to exploit this conflict to oust Morales and reverse the revolutionary changes that have occurred under his administration. I believe it would be possible to resolve this dispute if the Bolivians were left alone to work things out among themselves. But there is always a hidden hand ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

It would be a positive move for Evo Morales to issue a call for a National Indigenous Congress to be convened, where all voices can be heard and differences can be worked out among Bolivians, without interference from transnational capitalist interests seeking to roll back the gains of the popular movements and take Bolivia back to the "good old days" of pillage and plunder. I attended such a Congress in Nurio (Michoacan), Mexico in the spring of 2001, where 5,000 delegates came together from all parts of Mexico (and from other nations as well) to discuss their common problems and struggles. There were 45 spoken languages and there was a common bond of unity despite the vastly different situations people were coming from. I was there with a group of 100 US supporters accompanying the Zapatista Caravan from Chiapas to Mexico City, which in addition to spending two days in Nurio held mass rallies in 11 major cities (mostly state capitals) en route to Mexico City (see The most impressive and genuine political organizing I have ever seen in my life.

Michael Canney / FL

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   The following articles are intended as a "brief" about the current disputes in Peru and Bolivia regarding indigenous rights and development of the Amazon.  After the NACLA article (second article), I have indicated further reading on the NACLA site.

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