Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] ASAP SHOOTPower and privilege ALL DAY
From: Andrew
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 13:13:18 -0400

Today starting at 1pm meet near the red sculpture, Power and Privilege will last over 4-6 hours. I had a flier but lost it, and its not on but I heard it from 2 radicals and it must be something worth shooting. Let's shoot something of substance. 

If you don't have a camera, simply go to the event with a pad and pen and meet the people shooting the event already, make friends, be creative, and ask them to drop the footage under creative commons non commercial use to our media center! There is a server there, and helped set it up, and Quasi @ and know some about it too. We will have instructions on the site asap.

If you are going to shoot something, send a message to the group so that a B camera and C and Audio and G+E can join you!

_________________SEE +______BELOW+____________Represent

PLEASE COME REPRESENT MEDIA on the TABLE NEXT TO LEGAL GET THE SIGN UP SHEET GOING ON THE GOOGLE DOCS HERE'S THE LINK - Office Schedule it is in a white folder/binder with thin handwritten "Media" we also need the contact sheet printed out.