Subject: Re: [Interocc] [NYCGA Internet] RSS Feeds?
From: Sam Boyer
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:51:50 -0400

dave winer (yep, that one) has been doing some manner of this for a
while now, though imo we need our whole own feed managing cloud layer
(in the long run). please see:

i don't mean to discourage OLV from this effort - afaik (and no offense
intended to dave) he's doing the feed selection process himself.
something that's a bit more open could be great. i just want to make to
avoid duplication of effort, as always.


On 10/25/11 3:19 AM, As If Productions wrote:
The "Occupy Network Team" at has started a collection
of RSS/XML Feeds from all Occupy websites that publish them. This is a
very easy way for us to keep up to date on what everyone is doing
throughout the whole OccupyTogether movement.

If you have an RSS/XML feed, please hit Reply and post the link to this
Here is ours:

In Solidarity,

- Tod Foley
Tech Team Manager,

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