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From: Immaculate Conception
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:33:48 -0400

Hi Evy,
Sorry for any misunderstanding. I volunteer to direct people to sign into the website to find groups and GA meetings.  It's a computer thing. So when I say "non member" I just mean those who I send emails to be sure they are directed to the right place to sign up as a member so that everyone is heard and not lost in the tangeld technology web!  
In solidarity,
Jodi ~

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  Today's Topic Summary


 Still on the mailing list for Occupyeverywhere??
 [Interocc] RSS Feeds?
 This group is public, this group is not for general discussion.
 urgent statistics needed
 occupy.wifi ["I think #OWS should use my service"]
 Example of need for 2.0
 How can online organizers and digital strategists join Occupy Wall Street?
 Site thoughts 2.0

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