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These daily round-ups are really worth a read-through, major media come through to #OWS as the nerve center / flagship occupation, so we should be ready to message beyond NYC in a timely and evolving fashion.


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The Occupations Report: 10/26

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where
additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where
applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal
battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1
[police crackdowns including city code violations] and Category 2
[civil disobedience arrests]

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

NATIONWIDE URGENT ACTION TONIGHT!!! Stand in solidarity with
OccupyOakland as they march to City Hall tonight at 6 PM PST in
protest of today's police raid. Today's raid is the 2nd in two days
where the police have reportedly used force, tear gas and have shot
rubber bullets at protesters. NYC will be taking direct action in
solidarity to support OccupyOakland by marching to their City Hall at
9pm ET.  They are asking supporters to independently take action at
local occupation sites tonight at 6pm PST in support of Oakland.  “If
you can organize a response to City Hall tonight, please do!  If you
are not the person in your occupation to organize this type of action,
please get the word to the right person in your location! Groups will
be using the slogan and chant ‘We are Oakland!’ or ‘New York is
Oakland!’ or ‘We are all Oakland".

Occupy Wall Street: MTV has released a five minute clip of their
upcoming special "True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street." The show will
follow three different protestors and show what goes on in their daily
life. The teaser shows demonstrators scrubbing the sidewalk at
Zuccotti Park in an effort to avoid eviction by the city. The show
debuts Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. ET

Occupy Arcata: CALL TO ACTION: Occupy Arcata, CA is asking for more
“boots on the ground” and legal advice today. Like many other occupy
sites around the country they are facing arrests and eviction. Contact
them on their Facebook page:

Occupy Atlanta: Occupy Atlanta started the day off with a march from
the park to the jail to protest an early morning raid. The group held
a press conference at 11am on the sidewalk of City Hall to address the
city.  In today’s statement they say: “After a meeting between Occupy
Atlanta and a group of clergy was arranged for Thursday at noon at the
mayor’s request, the Atlanta Police Department went ahead with what
was apparently a planned raid on Occupy Atlanta Tuesday night.” Occupy
Atlanta will continue to peacefully protest with an anti-war march
today at 5 pm.  YESTERDAY: Atlanta Municipal Judge Crystal Gaines
ruled that the 52 people arrested in the Occupy Atlanta protest could
be released on signature bonds. Gaines agreed to the $100 signature
bonds despite concerns from assistant solicitor Andrew Taylor that the
defendants might not return to court for trial. Gaines also said that
any of the protesters who are homeless and had no address would be
allowed to provide an Occupy Atlanta address in signing their bonds.
CALL TO ACTION: Call and tell Atlanta PD to stop the raids: (404)
546-6873 or tweet them @Atlanta_Police.  You can also contact Mayor
Kasim Reid at (404) 330.6100 or tweet him @KasimReed or the mayor’s
office @City_of_Atlanta.

Occupy Boston: Occupy Boston marched against the Patriot Act and the
expanding prison-industrial complex today at 1pm. At 5pm the group
will march in solidarity with Verizon Wireless employees. In today’s
release the groups stated: “Despite reporting huge 3rd quarter
profits, Verizon refuses to do the right thing and negotiate a fair
and equitable contract with union workers.  This is a perfect example
of the corporate greed that the Occupy movement stands against.”  The
march will start at Dewey Square and continue on the Verizon Wireless

Occupy Chattanooga: OC will hold an all-day demonstration at the Bank
of America building tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 27th.

Occupy Chicago: The Education Committee will host a week and a half of
teach-ins starting today. Today is Community Organizing 101
facilitated by Cindy Bush, the director of organizing at Northside
P.O.W.E.R. See the schedule here:

Occupy Cleveland: OccupyCleveland held a press conference and victory
march earlier today after a federal court resolution allowing the
protesters to occupy the park 24/7 while the court battle is being

Occupy Dallas: Following Saturday’s clash between OccupyDallas and
Dallas PD, the city says there will be even stricter monitoring of the
OccupyDallas campsite near Dallas City Hall. Twenty-three Occupy
Dallas protestors were arrested Saturday afternoon for criminal
trespassing after the group allegedly blockaded the entrance to a
Chase Bank branch at Main and Akard Streets downtown.

Occupy Denver: In spite of the first snow that fell in Denver today,
OccupyDenver has vowed to remain outside 24/7. See photo here:
Occupy Denver has obtained over 10,000 signatures on a petition to end
arrests at OccupyDenver. They are urging the city council to pass a
resolution of solidarity with the Occupy Denver movement, and to push
the Mayor and Governor to allow members to occupy throughout the
winter. They want the mayor to grant a waiver of city
ordinance to Occupy Denver members to allow them to resume their
occupation without arrest. CALL TO ACTION: Call the Mayor, let him
know u support the right of OccupyDenver members to stay healthy and
warm tonight in Civic Center Park. You can reach him at 720-865-9000.

Occupy Detroit: Occupy the Hood Detroit and OccupyDetroit are coming
together to party with a purpose tonight at LAX Club Hangar. The
groups hope to bring awareness to OTHD and OD while helping to keep a
local business up and running. LAX has been a strong supporter of the
occupy movement..

Occupy Oakland: URGENT: Oakland is marching to City Hall tonight at 6
PM PST to protest their 2nd police raid today – Please join them if
you are in the area. The California Nurses Association/National Nurses
United released a statement today condemning the early morning police
raid on the peaceful Occupy Oakland encampment, and criticizing
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan for joining the list of mayors employing
repression against the occupy movement. CNA has vowed to help
OccupyOakland to rebuild and continue the protests. They are calling
on the city to drop all charges against those arrested in the raid,
and encourage you to make protest calls to Mayor Quan.
CALL TO ACTION: Let Oakland Mayor Quan know that attacks on peaceful
protesters will not be tolerated.  Call him at 510-238-3141.

Occupy Orlando: OccupyOrlando needs your help. They are facing [cat.1]
police crackdown and are asking supporters to call Orlando Mayor Buddy
Dyer.  Witnesses report that activists have complied with Orlando
Police and moved on to the sidewalk as to avoid arrests as the police
clear Senator Beth Johnson Park.  Witness Occupy Orlando’s
interactions at  For more
information on Occupy Orlando, see CALL
TO ACTION: Support Occupy Orlando, declare your opinion about the
activists’ treatment to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer at (407) 246.2221 or
tweet him at @OrlandoMayor and call Orlando Police Department at (407)
246-2470 or tweet them at @OrlandoPolice.

Occupy San Francisco: The San Francisco Examiner reports that in a
recent police commission meeting, Chief Greg Suhr told members of
Occupy SF that the police had “no future plans to go into the
demonstration.” In spite of the Chief’s statement, however, the group
received a notice Tuesday saying they are subject to arrest. Occupy SF
members have said they are determined to occupy Justin Herman Plaza
indefinitely. The campsite has grown to nearly 100 tents. Members are
also beginning to create an organizational system and trying to comply
with The City’s demands - such as moving tents off the plaza lawn and
using the dozens of compost and recycling bins provided by the
Department of Public Works.

Occupy London:  A makeshift lending library has opened at the Occupy
London protest outside St. Paul’s Cathedral. The library’s collection
of books grows daily, thanks to donations from authors and supporters.
Read more here:
ALSO: Check out this cool photo of a “banksy” sculpture that was
created for OccupyLSX:

Slovenia: Photo from Occupy Slovenia


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