Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Project Proposal: Occupy Wall St The App (iOS/Android)
From: Naqeeb Memon
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 02:06:11 -0400
To: "" <>, OWS Solutions <>

Everyone -
I would like to propose that we build an iOS / Android app that will allow Occupy Wall St (OWS) to be directly connected to the people and help grow the movement.  Facebook is a great tool but a Facebook Post / Event don't have the same reach as an app installed on a user's phone and tweets are lost in the stream. Please review and provide any feedback/requests/comments:

  1. Allow Users to follow/participate in OWS events in their prospective cities.  We will begin with NY and expand to other cities.
  2. Notify Users of the next OWS planned protest through notifications, events etc.
  3. Notify OWS of arrests during the protest.  The user will be able to report an individual arrest or their own arrest
  4. Allow OWS to share latest updates/content/requests with users in their prospective cities.

Next Steps
  1. Reach out to the Media Work Group to get their feedback and feature requests
  2. Prototype iOS / Android functionality and look and feel with OWS Design.
  3. Find developers