Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Meeting tonight 5pm media
From: micah anderson
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 15:31:03 -0400
To:, "globalrevolutionmedia\" <>

On Thu, 27 Oct 2011 18:44:35 +0000, wrote:
Tonight at 5 tomorrow at 11am

I've tried to go to three different media team meetings, and every
single time I've failed. I've been told by different people a number of
different times and places, clearly those people were not well informed,
although they seemed to be well connected within the group. I've seen
people posting to this list in similar states of distress as myself
things such as: "I'm at 60 wall in the atrium, where is everyone for the

The last I heard meetings were tuesday and thursday at 6pm at 60 wall
street. I've been told 11am and 6pm every day, which turned out to
either not be true, or everyone just didn't show up. This last email
seems to indicate the meetings are at 5pm thursday and 11am friday.

Is there anyone organizing these meetings? Are there notes being taken
and put somewhere? I have yet to find them. Not meaning to be critical
here, just some constructive feedback to hopefully help improve the