Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] [Interocc] Time to Strengthen and organize! Occupy Media Group – Occupy The Mind, Take Back The Truth.
From: evy brown
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 08:20:23 -0700

Hello All,
There are some good ideas coming through but I for one don't see any direction of traffic to the right people. Love the ideas but they really need to find an organizational structure.

The group does need it's own media which I mentioned yesterday but I'm not sure buying a warehouse without checking on permits, etc., and knowing how much a rehabilitation is going to cost is being considered below.

You don't make the investment and then try to get approved by government because you may find you are not allowed to proceed. You may find you are blocked from accomplishing your goal once the government is alerted.

Please don't solicit donations for something without the approval of the New York assembly, or have a 501(c)3 set up in your area/state and checking with the legal and planning department (group). When you solicit donations, you will be required to show you tax exempt ID from the IRS. Who is handling the accounting and legal procedures? I'm getting a bit worried that the transparency demanded by the groups is not being adhered to by the groups.

Has anyone thought of trying to get a building(s) donated to the 501(c)3? With so many foreclosures it would seem a better way to show that OWS also means not letting buildings remain empty that were taken away or are about to be taken away by the banks.

A better plan might be working towards the creation of jobs for Think Tanks in every city to solve social problems.
1. OWS brain trusts
2. Donation and legacy planning
3. Acquistion of properties throughout the country
4. Construction, architecture, government liasons, planning, hiring, etc.
5. Turn the centers created into alternate solutions to social problems; i.e., people without health care should know they can receive free services paid for by federal taxes by finding a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). No one can be turned down. Free health care and dental can be found at this location.

Someone please let me know a contact name for legal. Please don't send me an email saying I can join the group. I already have...

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 7:35 AM, Chris Hoffman <> wrote:
It may be wise to run this by the NYC GA if you plan on undertaking an initiative of this scale.

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Tom Gillis <> wrote:
This is a great Idea but your Donate link is broken - takes ppl to the "edit" page for your account - I was prompted to sign up, then shown my own empty homepage.
Please resend the link.

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 12:44 AM, Occupy Utica <> wrote:

It is time for a second prong to begin in the Occupy movement. I have a fairly simple plan to create a large central media center/delegation center for NY and eventually New England as a whole. The plan is to raise enough money to literally buy a warehouse, due to the economic decline, there is a rather large and cheap one located in Utica New York, this is nearly exactly in the middle of the state.

This is 14,880 SF of space in a perfect location. Utica has a train station, bus station, and is near an airport.

Donate Now

The fight for the minds has begun
The major points of Occupy Media Group are quite simple:

AM, Shortwave and Internet radio broadcasts of only occupy news and music from small musicians that mail/email it in. The AM and shortwave is to function for those who cannot get internet access for whatever reason, AM and shortwave radios are easier to get, you can even get a solar or crank powered one.

Inter-occupation communication center, including 800 numbers for occupiers all over America to call in and report/get news.

Video production bays, soundstage, video studio for news broadcasts and podcasts.

Printing and graphic design center to help spread the message. We will work it on a donation only first come first serve basis.

A Delegation Center for occupy delegates from NY and all over New England can come meet and commune and if we can get the furniture, to even sleep.

Seeking proper permits and moving forward on a Television broadcast channel (if this is possible) and definitely and regular internet broadcast

a place upstate for people in OWS that may need some time away from the tension in NYC, there has been an expression of need for such places by persons we are in contact with in OWS.

And any other New England and US communication, coordination and media news for, about and by the occupiers.


Why Utica?

As written above, Utica is nearly in the center of the state of NY and New York state is central to many large population groups of the east coast. We have a fairly small police force so the repression that comes in larger cities doesnt happen here. We have a train station and a bus station, so there are still bigger city style transit to get people here, with only the scrutiny of a smaller law enforcement presence. We can draw in a small group or individual from each Occupy to be a volunteer and correspondent.

How to get it going!

First we need to raise $175,000 to buy the building and to get it set up. This seems expensive, but a privatelyowned building gives us a better deal, and this warehouse is onlyabout $9.30 per SQ.


Building $140,000

Off grid solar $20,000

Regular toll-free phones. $1000 (yr)

WiFi$800 (yr)


Taxes, equipment, installation $12,800

Total: $175,000

This SEEMS like a lot of money, but its really only 35000 people giving just $5 a piece! We can do this and solidify this movement even more in the minds of America, can you imagine the press release when we raise this amount of money and open a media center? It will be huge!!


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