Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Fwd: another moderator issue...
From: John Fehner
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 14:03:39 -0700 (PDT)
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First, let me introduce myself.  I am John, also known as InfinityCircle on the livestream channel.  I'm not on the ground, but in California.  I have been involved with the movement via the livestream channel since September 17th, first as a viewer, then as a moderator.  I became a moderator when I saw that there was a need, so volunteered my services, often spending 20+ hours a day at it.  While we have a good team now, we have also expanded to a 2nd channel as I'm sure you know.

Now to your letter.  Please understand that from the start we have had people posting links for fake "donation" sites, to sites that seek to defame the movement and our brave occupiers, to malicious sites with virus's on them, and the like.  We have had people posting things advocating violence, drugs, illegal activities, etc.  Our first concern is the safety of ALL of those involved in the movement.  That includes not only the occupiers that are physically on the ground around the world, but those that participate around the world on the internet.  It is for that reason that our moderators asked that you contact us (and myself personally) before posting your adverts for writers.  Simply put, we felt we needed to know who you are, and who you represent.  Also understand that there are government agencies monitoring the livestream, and various chat rooms, websites, etc.  in hopes of finding "something illegal" so they can try to shut us down.

Also, I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but we do get bombarded with emails, and it takes time to answer everyone as those of us that handle these things are a small group at this time.

As to your comment about the address in New York with 117 domain names, I am unaware of that, to be honest.  But understand that there are those out there that are gobbling up domain names like crazy (domain name parkers) in particular.  They do this so they can resell those domain names and make a profit.  Hell, there's some person out there that is trying to register the OWS name as a trademark so she can profit on it!

I  took the time to look at your website, blog, facebook page, youtube page & myspace page before replying, so I  would have a better idea of who I am talking to.  I did that for the safety of the movement.  I will admit I was disturbed by your blog entry today.  I understand your frustration.  But at the same time, I ask that you please understand our caution.  We have spent a lot of time going over the various rules for the livestream chat.  We have based them on what the public does, and how the public responds to what is posted on the livestream.  We have also put some into place for legal reasons.  But as we have stated often, the Livestream chat is privately owned by and is made available to the public.  Thus there must be rules.

All of this leads to a simple fact.  I discovered in my reading of your various sites that you are a guy just like me.  Someone who sees a need, and jumped in with both feet in hopes of helping the movement.  We commend you for that!  I personally feel that we can work together moving forward, if you still have that interest.  Please understand that while we are a diverse movement,  that diversity brings a lot of different personalities and issues under our rather large tent.  So things don't always go as smoothly as we would like.  However, we do all agree that we must strive for consensus at all times!

Oh, one other thing.  Please understand that the media team and the crew are a small, tired, cold, (snowing in NYC as I write this) and over worked group.  I personally feel that the blog you wrote, did not take this into account.  I can understand that, as you didn't have the information you have now, and I'm guessing posted it out of frustration last night.  That is why I personally hold back on writing blogs on something that is "fresh" in my mind, as I wish to be sure I have all the facts available to me before I write that blog.  So, in the interests of solidarity I will request that you either remove that post, or rewrite it now that you have a better understanding of the situation.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

John Fehner, aka InfinityCircle

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Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Contradiction of Purpose

 Hello to all. I have volunteered my time because I have waited 15 years for this point in time to come. I have spent my own money and a lot of my time to independently support this movement. However... I spent a few nights on the Global Revolution livestream chat looking for writers to assist in the project I have in place. Earlier this morning, I was told I could not use their network to look for writers until I had approval from some guy named "infinity" on the ground. I and everyone else has been lead to believe this is a decentralized movement. As I read the emails in here, I realize that is very not the case. There are hidden elements, IP addresses that lead to a big house in the hills of New York with 117 domains registered to it. I am asking for an explanation. This movement is truly decentralized, or there are people to cowardly to be publicly vetted, in such case you have no credibility. I will await clarity from OWS but I do not and will not support the Global Revolution brand due to the censorship of my search for supporting writers.

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