Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Contradiction of Purpose
From: Chaz Cheadle
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 11:49:34 -0400

   I can appreciate that you have invested your time and effort to create something to share with the world about the movement. Many of us here are also participating and engaged in the movement in many ways and many capacities. I think it is an incomplete assessment to call anyone a coward or to say there is no vetting process in place. Our organization is 100% volunteer based and built on relationships formed through the common interest of bringing about positive change for all.
   I am personally excited that you have done the leg work, the due diligence, to find out the internet relationships of the OWS domains. We are, as it appears you are, swamped with projects- and any lapses or deficiencies you see in our information architecture are completely unintentional. We would be more than happy to publish all of the design and IT information you or others find that are not already addressed in our online documentation. 
   We are committed to being transparent and open in all of our processes and if you feel there is more information that should be made clear, please let us know. As I am sure you are aware, the Global Livestream chat is but one of the myriad venues OWS participates in to communicate and share ideas with the internet and the world at large. You are more than welcome to avail yourself of any and all of these forums; we look forward to your continued participation and input.
   As a truly decentralized movement there are always more than one way to get involved and ask for participation in your project. Have you joined the discussion forum on the page, the chat rooms, or gone down to Zucotti park to meet people and see if there are people there that might be interested? 

   Again, I'm sorry you feel that there is a lack of readily accessible information about the website- if you pass the domain information you have gathered along to us, we will make it publicly available immediately.


On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 8:47 AM, Richard Gates <> wrote:
 Hello to all. I have volunteered my time because I have waited 15 years for this point in time to come. I have spent my own money and a lot of my time to independently support this movement. However... I spent a few nights on the Global Revolution livestream chat looking for writers to assist in the project I have in place. Earlier this morning, I was told I could not use their network to look for writers until I had approval from some guy named "infinity" on the ground. I and everyone else has been lead to believe this is a decentralized movement. As I read the emails in here, I realize that is very not the case. There are hidden elements, IP addresses that lead to a big house in the hills of New York with 117 domains registered to it. I am asking for an explanation. This movement is truly decentralized, or there are people to cowardly to be publicly vetted, in such case you have no credibility. I will await clarity from OWS but I do not and will not support the Global Revolution brand due to the censorship of my search for supporting writers.

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