Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Media Wordpress help
From: Brian Martinez
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 21:40:53 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

I am not sure if you know but using the as a
host precludes you from installing plugins.  Therefore CollabPress
cannot be installed there.  A paid hosting site is required.  Pricing
varies depending upon various parameters.  For example, how many email
addresses do you need.  2500 or unlimited?  
As well, is there a designated hosting company that is used for
WordPress hosting per the OWS Internet Working Group standards?  If
not one should be picked and all efforts can be standardized around
them and OWS could benefit from economies of scale with that company.
I have successfully used WordPress with Yahoo hosting. Preferred
hosting services as recommended by can be found at
If we can get the above in alignment I could set up the environment
for you to manage your projects.

Please advise,

On Oct 29, 2:47 pm, Andrew <> wrote:
Wordpress/website oriented peoples, media needs help.

We need to test run collabpress, a wordpress plugin, on any server, on  
almost any domain related to ows. is  
available for us to use, login below. There are competing methods, but  
we need this now and it will help spell out exactly media's needs for 3.0

Is there someone available to...test run collabpress for us?

a. buy/point to a domain/hosting (media will reimburse under $100  

b. put a wordpress on it

c.install collabpress. Perhaps point and to it. Then we can check in. We need something that can  
show a view with many projects, and also a view with the top projects,  
and to test run the task list. Media task examples are: shoot,  
download, edit, and a few other things.

The wordpress we have now is

login for that: : lovemore4

we can decide on the url later...

What do you think?

Please forward if nec.