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Subject: [occupyla] Mass Bank Action, Friday Nov. 4th

Tonight the direct action group is entering a proposal for a mass bank action this Friday Nov. 4th to raise awareness for Bank Withdrawal day on Saturday the 5th.  I'll include the proposal below, but wanted to get the word out and see if other occupations were interested in creating bank actions (or even attending) for a coordinated West Coast mass bank action. Also, if anyone has any concerns please come to the general assembly tonight to discuss and become involved!

8am meet for maps of banking district and dispersal in small groups with Bank Transfer Day flyers
1pm congregate at Pershing Square to debrief, relax, eat, make signs and regroup
3pm MASS march on 4 major banks in the financial district (right next to LA Library)
6pm converge onto LA public library for dinner 
7pm Speak Out at LA public library. (instead of GA)
(outreach student groups and professors, invite the community as an "open house" to Occupy LA)

It's on November 4th a year before the elections, so we also talked about declaring a year of struggle to hold the financial institutions and corporations accountable before the next general election. If we decided to coordinate a mass action between as many occupations as we could, perhaps we could consider this as a proposal.? Or something along similar lines to make this a significant stand against the banks. Thoughts?

In Solidarity,

Jessica Rey

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