Subject: [NYCGA Internet] I Am Gathering Info For Amnesty International To Pressure Lawmakers, Media To End Violence
From: william buster
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 01:56:52 -0400
To:, Info occupy <>, Jay Arthur Sterrenberg <>, OWS Education Group <>, "Dr.Ron Suarez" <>,,, "E. Knafo" <>, Charles Lenchner <>,, Andrew <>,

I am collecting arrests, records of all abuses, rights violations for OWS to submit in one sum to Amnersty International USA Director

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Hi My name is Bill Buster

Please pass this information to all relevant parties within OWS and at separate camps, legal, action groups. I have worked in #OWS  Zucotti for weeks on Press, media relations, as well as a spokesperson in broadcast and print media.  I no longer work w press as of two days ago, too enraged by unchecked erosion of our rights to protest and the violence that will eventually take lives of innocent people using "protected" forms of expression. You can see me on Charlie Rose a couple of weeks ago.

 I am now focusing on pressing the human rights, constitution, bill of rights violations for Amnesty, ACLU, Human Rights Watch, UN, and other organizations after talking to their Director of Amnesty International's USA branch. He did not want to get tons of separate emails, wanted figures from as many occupy camps as possible. If you could help me, or put people in touch with me at other occupy sites out of NYC that would be great. I would appreciate it. You can read my blogs about these issues at and read the posts I have written in recent weeks on violence, and support of the protests in general.

Amnesty put a letter in the NYTimes this Sunday condemning violence, and needs to accumulate very specific figures on where, when and what violations occurred during police actions or routine interactions with protesters. Any human or constitutional rights violations.

They are closely monitoring Oakland and Denver, which have had the most brutal actions, but need the exact number arrests, who had property confiscated, who had property damaged, images from cameras deleted, etc. all information with the greatest amount of detail. If you have legal assistance that has this information in a master list, it can be confidentially emailed to me here and passed to Amnesty International. It does NOT have to have names, addresses of victims, just statistics. Anyone wishing can pass their victim contact information, and they will likely be interviewed by someone from the closest Amnesty chapter. This can also include how police have acted on a daily basis, and limits and confinements they have placed upon your camps.

These figures will be presented to the media and used to pressure public officials to condemn actions, to end the violent practices, as well as seeking to end media censorship of these issues. I am on google groups for press, and internet working groups for OWS. Thank you so much!

Bill Buster