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Yes Charles, there are other working docs to go along with any budget which indicate security, insurance, work space, work flow, accessibility. The goal is in the previous email, an open fully collaborative option for all ad infinitum, and to not lose resources, but use them to help others spread the message of solidarity of the whole for the autonomy of the individual. I agree on the less-tax method. -a

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I hope the media team will include answers to these questions in the proposal:

What is the fate of equipment after OWS wraps up, is over, etc.?

If anything is stolen, will you commit to filing charges, as relevant?

Do the insurance costs include any deductible for replacing the equipment that was damaged/destroyed?


I think it’s great that y’all will have equipment, but having heard about thefts and missing laptops, I’m very wary of finding out in six months that these purchases will end up in the wind, with one held accountable for it. Maybe pick a well established 501c3 organization to receive the funds and make the purchases. This will REMOVE SALES TAX from the purchase, and make it clear what happens to the stuff if the worldwide revolution doesn’t work out.


Orgs could be the global revolution tv folks, or Manhattan Neighborhood Networks, Witness, or a group that offers media training to low income folks, etc. They would get the equipment after the downfall of capitalism or something….





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