Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: [Interocc] Report back from International Meeting between Occupy and DRY
From: David Stodolsky
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 18:58:11 +0100
To: carlos cbr

I just want to reply here to this comment I received off List:

2) As far as the international computer technicians team we are creating for the movement, the main focus at the beginning would be on communication tools, and then as time moved on programers could work on more elaborate e-govenment solutions.

My proposal is for a communication tool. It can't be considered an e-government solution by itself. However, it is a very powerful communication tool, since it supports an arbitrarily large number of direct participants. That said, it would take some relatively simple software development followed by a pilot test, before it could be released.

I am moving discussion of this option to:

Welcome to the mailing list! Welcome to
the list of occupyresearch. As OWS continues and spreads
(//, there's an interesting opportunity
for research at the intersection of social media, social movements,
media ecologies, civic engagement, etc. Let's use this space to
brainstorm possible collaborative research into this event / moment /
ad-hoc movement formation / your frame of choice :) Also to discuss
tools that are used/created/needed by movement actors.

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On 1 Nov 2011, at 10:47 AM, David Stodolsky wrote:

On 31 Oct 2011, at 1:32 PM, carlos cbr wrote:

Now the most discussed topic in the list is the development of tools to make better the global network, to include all the squares and occupy movements going on, and to continue exchanging info and start coordinating in a more effective way.

I have begun discussion with others on applying these results. Will follow up with comments on outstanding issues later (Programmer need at the moment):


Extended abstract (5 min. read):

Stodolsky, D. S. (2002). Computer-network based democracy: Scientific communication as a basis for governance. Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Knowledge Management in e-Government, 7, 127-137.$14


Stodolsky, D. S. (1995). Consensus Journals: Invitational journals based upon peer review. The Information Society, 11(4).$19

The Danish version of my extended abstract was published as:

Stodolsky, D. S. (1992). Computernetværk-baseret demokrati: Videnskabelig kommunikation som grundlag for den demokratiske beslutningsproces [Computer-network based democracy: Scientific communication as a foundation for the democratic decision process.] For medlemmernes skyld? [For the members' sake?] (pp. 139-158). Esbjerg, Denmark: Foreningen for studier i andelsbevægelse og kooperation [Danish Society for Cooperative Studies].$15

More formats, etc.:$16


Occupy CPH Press Team

David Stodolsky, PhD                   Institute for Social Informatics
Tornskadestien 2, st. th., DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark          Skype/Twitter: davidstodolsky

David Stodolsky, PhD                   Institute for Social Informatics
Tornskadestien 2, st. th., DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark          Skype/Twitter: davidstodolsky

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