Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: MIC CHECK! Wiki group meeting scheduling this week!
From: felipe ribeiro
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 09:44:22 -0400
CC: "" <>, "" <>

OK, so exctracting everyone's responses into a easier to compare format (more or less what lies ahead with the wiki, heh), we have the following (please change according to your schedule, using the existing format!)

By default, it looks like wednesday is the winner - 4 people can attend. If I have misrepresented, omitted, or otherwise screwed up your presence in the below chart, please amend :-)

An alternative day was pitched for Thursday, how to folks feel about that? Or, TONIGHT??? (put it in the chart!!!!!)

Location seems to be 29 B'way.

Tues 6:30PM

YES  (felipe, Todd, Yifu, ?, ? ) 

NO (Isaac, Dana, Devin?, ?, )

Wed 6:30 PM

YES (felipe, Todd, Devin, Dana, ? ) 

NO (Isaac, Yifu, ?, ?)

Thurs 6:30 PM

YES (felipe, Isaac, Yifu, ?) 

NO (Devin, Dana, Todd)

Friday 6:30 PM

YES (felipe, ?, ?, ?, ) 

NO (Devin, Dana, Todd, Isaac, Yifu,)