Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] win for the left?
From: Cari Machet
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 05:46:48 -0400

thank you

On 11/1/11, A y <> wrote:
Agreed.  It is what we do with those tweets that matters most.  I love
where this group's head is . . . had to put down a clear missive for Month

My name is shared with many.  My social security number is 237-59-9394.  My
birthdate is 5-31-80.  My Bank of America checking account number is
23623-61522, overdrawn by $633 - all late fees.  My address is homeless, I
am currently near Los Angeles by way of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the land of
enrichment, by way of the big apple.

The world is watching.  I have only let my thoughts drift from our cause
once (since Mr. Jobs passed) to dive into a painting, one that I discovered
was actually a digital photo.  Do remind one another to take a breath in
the name of beauty.  24-hour news hacks are waiting for worse mayhem, right
behind false prophets chomping to verify us the catalysts of the

You, the OWS originators, are the advanced people, the leaderless conduits
of enlightenment: the most peaceful time in recorded history.  By the end
of next year, the creative humanitarian collective OWS will be responsible
for the end of a cruel alexandrian age, a definitive beginning of the end
of mass human suffering . . . thanks to you, the advanced people who danced
Hurricane Irene away.

The majority of America agrees with our sentiments & anti-misinformation.
 Great students of history fear our movement will fizzle out or that a
violent fringe shouting for us will draw battle lines.  To my mind, in our
purest form, we do not have a single human enemy.  We are a town square of
millions suffering actively for proper Democracy, a wiser society.

I publish my SSN because I feel lucky to live in a country that protects
civil liberties.  We should continuously reflect on what is beautiful about
living today, to balance our dissent, to help our less advanced brothers &
sisters understand this is about enlightenment, humanity, wisdom.

This is my first Halloween without a piece of candy : (  As a new month
rolls in, when the world calls for a seemingly familiar 'revolution' to
list its demands, our sensitive members feel like the terrorists in movies
who hold an 'innocent' group hostage . . . acquiescing to pundits &
meaningless pressure defies what makes us New, Fresh, Civil with all

We don't demand.  We hold no hostages.  We suffer actively.  Just as
Progressive is a complicated word for politicians, I hesitate to use the
word Revolution as a lover of peaceful solutions.  This is new.  This is
advancement.  Beautiful.  Musical.  Inviting.  Healing.  Democracy.
 Harmonious.  Integrity.  Inspired.  Badass.  Revolution is right on, but
used alone it is not a word that inspires UNCONDITIONAL PEACE.  We need
unconditional peace.

We need each and every police officer to know we actively suffer for their
children.  We need the Tea Party to know where we bond, that we remember
the crosshairs they posted, that we remember in no time Senator Gabrielle
Giffords' will power prevented a government shutdown.  We will aim
crosshairs in the same places this election cycle, but our weapon of choice
is the arrow of Cupid.  We seek unconditional peace.

Our colors are red, white & blue.  To the point of intentional redundancy,
a consensus has organically emerged, one violent OWS fist could end it all
. . . we study, we occupy, we discuss, we reflect.  If someone preaches
Occupy with violent rage & hate, we know it comes from a place of
self-defense & suffering.  They need a hug or help paying a bill, they need
to know we suffer together, that our collective enemy does not have a

Indeed be careful with your temperament, language & tone.  We need to
establish decency in our dialogue, math with our solutions, reason with our
romance & find more ways to be positively peaceful with our hands & logos.

Miran Istina, the teenaged cancer fighter occupying San Fran, is Queen of
my world.  Each and every one of you are free to pick the Queen of your
world, your mind - your very own spaceless place to occupy openly.  Keep it

*Personal OWS November goals:*

A) To help inspire a *polis** *online, *a town square* of all *O*ccupations
of a *W*ise *S*ociety, to replace arbitrary polls.  One vote per
IP address/Social Media Account . . . no more 1000 person polls speaking
for all Americans . . . an official OWS poll might state the actual amount
of people who voted first.  Individuals' voting history will be logged,
compared & contrasted . . . this is one beautiful way of defining our
partisanship & why Democratically.

2) To help inspire one OWS solutions book by Thanksgiving, starting today
(Tuesday) . . . a cookbook of sorts . . . not demands . . . OWS (Occupy
Wall Street or Occupations of a Wise Society) Food for Thought . . .
recipes for the immediate future . . . a project for Occupy Everywhere
submitting political/social/economic recipes . . . one hearty OWS cookbook.
 I nominate Br. Cornell West to write the forward in the name of pragmatic
peace & love for thought without motives.

Quagmire One: How to demand unconditionally positive vibes without being
dickish or overly hippie about it?  Gandhi comes to mind.  Steve Jobs more
so, he believed in love & beauty & how temporal life is.  We don't need
demands.  We need the recipes gathered by Thanksgiving & a way to vote
amongst one another.

I am one person, no one with $-633.  This was sent only to OWS . . . this
is your baby, I am no one.




On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 2:40 AM, Cari Machet <> wrote:

it's not all that
it is being over thought here
we need to optimize - synthesis our message
and twitter is global so that is good access and we can get more
direct info globally
institutionalizing is not the idea
creating some structure does not exclude openness
it is not a black and white thing
and any direction in terms of wordage would just be adherence to ideas
and a hope
we do not monitor every person that speaks to the media through pr but
they have guidlines

On 11/1/11, Cari Machet <> wrote:
we are now taking on the tweet OWS world in the pr group
that is - a subgroup of pr is now all the tweet accounts
and we would like to integrate more into the facebook and work with
the internet grp
i will bring it up to the pr grp and try to make connections with web
and keep you posted
any ideas please send them - thanks

On 11/1/11, <>
Consensus based tech tools are the biggest thing on the horizon that
yet exist...if we make it ourselves it could be a model for huge things
A huge boost. Know web ppls?
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i don't mean the entire ga consensing jeeez
we have in the pr grp specifics that we align with in terms of word use
thats all

On 11/1/11, <> wrote:
are we characterizing ourselves as the "left" now?

On Tue, 1 Nov 2011 00:01:17 -0400, Andrea Ciannavei  wrote:

       the comment was in response to this article -

On Oct 31, 2011, at 11:58 PM, Steven Macchia wrote:

       I believe justin controls the facebook account

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:43 PM, ddotto  wrote:

       That Facebook post from Occupy Wall Street that said "win for
left   +1"  ?

Yeah, that pissed me off, actually. Like, what did we win? Free debit
card use from B of A? That's pretty fukn lame! Not the win I'm gaming

With joy and fury,


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:30 PM, Steven Macchia  wrote:

       Did I miss something?

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:22 PM, InfinityBlues  wrote:

        IDK what the media person on OWS was thinking posting that.

revolution  -  transformation  -  love

  Andrea Ciannavei


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Cari Machet
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Cari Machet
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Skype carimachet - 646-652-6434
Syria +963-099 277 3243
Amman +962 077 636 9407
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