Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] We have been given a tool free for live videoconferencing,4 screens, unlimited chat-nationwide PLS FWD
From: william buster
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 17:56:44 -0400

Hello! Bill Buster in Press Relations. Please forward this. I would like your input.

I have a friend named Jordan who approached me a week ago, and demonstrated for our use his company's new videoconferencing service. It is used by Depak Choprah, Russell Simmons, and NY Jets, and is being looked at by various political campaigns as a tool for huge webchats, etc. It is wonderful, moderated like livestream, but with 4 screens visible, and readily rotated to include new talkers into discussion. All people need is a computer, and or webcam. He and his partners are HUGE supporters of OWS and I would like to dedicate this STRICTLY to Press, PR and Special Event live discussions, as securing and storing the chat for security is ponderous, and moderating the chats will be fairly easy to control.

This is a great tool to use, in a limited way for security, to engage Americans who cannot attend GAs, but can attend special PRE SCHEDULED events hosted online. Both Depak and Russell have demonstrated a willingness to donate some time with this tool to hold chats online to gather more support for OWS as a peaceful movement. This is too great an opportunity to pass up!!!! I want to make you all aware of this, and to discuss. Please FORWARD THIS and offer feedback. Jordan is setting up the system for our use, and will demonstrate it possibly next week, when it is close to being finished. I would suggest we keep moderators, like myself and possibly Brendan Burke, limited to a small group of people, so it cannot be abused, and will have some controls as to the amount of storage. To store the data takes up considerable room,and would be done at the company, as well as on our own for backup in case anythign is compromised or damaged. This woudl be a great protective measure, and will only be used for public engagement, or public discussion between occupy groups at scheduled times, moderated by NYC.

If we support the use of this as a group, is there a way to link to it by an nycga tab? Or woudl you rather have it linked and such separately? We can post events on NYCGA website, if tehre are enough people at the site to handle posting a few extra things a month. I do  not want to ad to the burden that is already great.

Thanks so much!

Bill Buster

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