Subject: Re: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: Wiki Meeting Tonight! (please forward widely!)
From: Devin Balkind
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 14:25:06 -0400

Has anyone posted notes from the wiki meeting on Wednesday?  Is so, where are they?

On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 1:22 AM, <> wrote:
Yes, sounds good to have a specific workspace.  How did e meeting go

Also clarify the term semantic wiki?

On Nov 2, 7:32 am, felipe ribeiro <> wrote:
> All,
> Should we fork the wiki group list from the FLO, IWG & digital strategy
> lists? It's a balancing act between inclusiveness vs spamming people who
> aren't interested. I think it might make sense to split, but I wondered if
> anyone had any thoughts on this? On the other hand, if anyone knows people
> from Interoccupation, Outreach, or ANY OTHER WG/List, please Forward!!! We
> need to get a sense of how folks would use the wiki/what their real use
> cases would be.
> Folks interested in setting up a movement-wide wiki are meeting* TONIGHT, @
> 29 Broadway at 6:30pm.*  [note: if there is some kind of problem with the
> location at the last minute, email devin @ or felipe
> @]
> So far confirmed are the following peeps, *most of whom* can make it
> tonight (the more the merrier!):
> --Devin
> --Yifu
> --Todd
> --Isaac
> --Dana
> --Ravi
> --Felipe
> One question:
> *Does anyone have experience with or knowledge about semantic wikis?*
> *
> *
> In the course of searching for a good WYSIWYG plugin for Media Wiki (for
> now, the current default platform solution until we have an argument for
> another platform), I found a really interesting Semantic wiki extension.
> From what I understand, it allows us to create forms/templates, guiding
> data entry. Then, users can  create a custom sort/query on the data, not
> unlike a spreadsheet.
> I see this as great depending on how the data is entered, allowing people
> to find data from the same working groups, across locations. Would speed up
> the learning process, cut down on redundancy, etc. I wrote about it at
> length, excerpted below, here:
> but first, here's the online demo; I'm trying to get it installed on a test
> wiki on my own server, but my programmer skillz are..., rather, they simply
> aren't :-)
> demo:
> Excerpt describing a possible wiki for the entire OWS movement: (full
> article at the above URL)
> So, for instance the wiki page for OccupyChicago would have landing pages
> with links to each of the following sections and subsections, all generated
> via templates in the wiki, so each occupation could simply plug in and fill
> in their assets, projects, and goals/strategies (the following labels in
> quotes are NOT meant as final taxonomies, merely illustrative examples):
> Working Group Assets:
> “[Working Group Name] Online Tools” (any relevant workspaces/wikis/websites
> for collaborative work)
> “[Working Group Name] Discussions Archives” (links to previous
> conversations in the form of archived forums/lists)
> “[Working Group Name] Offline Resources” (Local supportive organizations,
> allies, spaces, sources for supplies or other support)
> “[Working Group Name] Member Profiles” (links to individual occupiers
> websites, twitter, RSS feeds, etc
> “[Working Group Name] News/Tags” (links to location specific and/or
> group-specific RSS feeds, Twitter streams, specific hashtags used to post
> content, specific stories that the group as a whole should be aware of – ie
> instances of sabotage, hacking, impersonation, or any malfeasance of any
> kind, coming from either within the movement or from the outside.
> Project/Action-Related Content:
> “[Working Group Name] Already Implemented Suggestions” (Working group
> specific, self explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Specific Projects Underway” (Working group specific,
> self explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Discarded Proposals” (Working group specific, self
> explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Proposed Projects” (Working group specific, self
> explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Urgently Needed” (Working group specific, self
> explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] I am Offering” (Working group specific, self
> explanatory)
> Strategy/Objectives Related Content:
> “[Working Group Name] Abstract Arguments/Ideas for Moving Forward”
> “[Working Group Name] Debates/Unresolved Issues”
> “[Working Group Name] Consensus Agreed Upon Short Term Objectives”
> (CAUSTO?) (Working group specific, self explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Consensus Agreed Upon Medium Term
> Objectives” (CAUMTO?) (Working group specific, self explanatory)
> “[Working Group Name] Consensus Agreed Upon Long Term
> Objectives” (CAULTO?) (Working group specific, self explanatory)
> See y'all tonight!
> Felipe

Devin Balkind