Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] [Interocc] Trying to save a disabled school teachers home, please help me get the word out.
From: Kristiane Chappell
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 15:14:37 -0700
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I am trying to find a way to raise more awareness and get the word out
about my mother
Lesliane Bouchard's situation.  My mother is -severely- disabled due
to a spinal cord injury, she is now totally bedridden. She was a
teacher, prior to that she was a foster parent. She has worked so hard
for her home, this is her first home. She got a 30 year fixed rate FHA
loan. She did not do anything irresponsible. When she went out on
disability her income dropped by 40% and her health care premiums
(COBRA) went up to 1100 a month. She qualifies for several federal
programs to help her keep her home. Most importantly the Hardest Hit
State Fund. First Mortgage Company does not want to participate in the
programs that would help her. The Vice president of First Mortgage
emailed me today and said this:
 "As for the Hardiest Hit Funds (HHF) principal reduction program
(PRP), we do not participate in that program. And I am not aware of
any servicer participating in the HHF PRP on FHA insured loans, or any
insured loans for that matter"
Apparently the programs the government it touting as a way to help
beleaguered home owners are not actually available to any home owner.
We've been working with the director of loss mitigation for HUD, but
we still have not gotten a resolution. He became involved after Kate
Berry did a story on my mother. Please see the link below, it is the
most recent update on the news story covering my mother's situation.
We would love to have a chance to bring my mother there to speak, due
to her health though it would be difficult, but we think it is
Currently this story has been covered by American Banker magazine (The
reporter, Kate Berry has been amazing in what she put together for the
story, it came out last month.) As well as on the blog Short sale
My mother is a wonderful woman, she has worked hard her entire life,
and because of banking and FHA policies, she will be homeless because
this mortgage company doesn't participate in the programs designed to
keep her in her house. They will collect tax payer funded insurance if
they foreclose.

Thank you!!!!!

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