Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: what's up with
From: Jake
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 11:23:04 -0700 (PDT)


I just want to also chime in here. I hear your concerns. There has DEFINITELY NOT been an intentional decision that the v2.0 site will not be improved. We are working as hard as we possibly can to make this site better. As Charles and Tom say, we just don't have the development power we need to implement the changes on our list. Devin provided the link to our project tracking software where you can see everything we're working on.

To give you the names you are looking for, the folks who are doing the bulk of the work on the site right now are Jake (me), Drew, Dan, Tom, Nick, Jessica, Margarete, Greg, and Chaz. Lippe, Matt, and Patricia are handling the feedback form and support. I think that's about it... Out of that list only 2 or 3 people are actual wordpress developers who are actively writing code. And we are all volunteers with limited time.

Please please trust that we are hearing the feedback, we are not ignoring it, and we are not trying to shut it out. We agree that lost of changes need to be implemented. We just don't have the manpower. We also think that it was hugely important to get this site live as soon as possible and then iterate on it to make it better. The high usage of the site, and enormous number events being created, groups being filled, and forum conversations in full swing would suggest this was a good plan. The trick is just the iterating. It is a lot of work and we don't have a lot of devs.

Regarding your questions about this site being replaced by Drupal, etc: The NYCGA site will continue to be here in its current wordpress form to serve its purpose as a tool for collaboration and involvement in Occupy Wall Street for the foreseeable future. We do have a project beginning to get underway called "FGA" which would essentially be a v3.0 NYCGA site. This will be Drupal-based and may someday replace the NYCGA site, but that is at least several months away and if/when the time comes to transition to it, there will be a relatively seamless migration process so people's work on the v2.0 site will not be lost.

Besides this FGA project, we are also beginning development of This will be, as you say, "the appropriate place for medium- and low- level involvement people to go" and as soon as it is ready to launch, it will definitely be linked to on the home page (and vice-versa). For more on the ways these two sites will work together and interweave, check out this Digital Strategy and Web Presence wiki page:

So, to recap, everyone is right that the best way to push for changes in the NYCGA website is NOT to keep reminding us about them in different places, but instead top actually help with the site and find coders who can help with the site. Hope this reply helps clear things up and hopefully alleviates some of your concerns.