Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] This is For Enjoyment My Personal *Thanks* to Bloomberg/Rupert Murdoch From My Blog
From: william buster
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 03:15:51 -0500
To: Katie Falkenberg <>,,, Sam Boyer <>, Jake <>, Dan Rassi <>, Christian Smith-Socaris <>,, Tanya Phattiyakul <>, Tom Gillis <>, Thiago de Mello Bueno <>,,, Bruce Wagner <>

Thank you, Mike Bloomberg, for your continued protection of a pedestrian walkway from pedestrians. FINALLY someone stepped up to the plate and closed this enormous gap in our security! A grateful nation applauds your courageous blockade of Wall Street! Everyday, as I walk past Zucotti Park, I thank my lucky stars that YOU were here. Lord knows, any other mayor would have never been intellectually, morally or financially as knowledgeable or capable of protecting the people of New York from the people of New York. I hope your friends know that they can come out from under the table now. They are at long last safe from the ungrateful, ignorant American Citizens who have yet to be directly blessed by your financial generosity and patronage.

The cobblestones of Wall Street and Broad Street, a wide open pedestrian walkway and major tourist attraction, are safe from democratic assembly that could impact the way you and your friends manipulate a system that has been your cash cow.You are right- the unsightly presence of the great unwashed in the Occupy Wall Street Mob, who just REFUSE to stop speaking freely and assembling peacefully, is destroying the quality of life for everyone and causing enormous public safety concerns! As you so wisely predicted, businesses, banks and respectable citizens are lining up in droves to flee Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel. I mean, have you seen the way these idealistic, deluded protesters have recklessly stood in the way of police guns, and have been intentionally hit by  batons, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets all over the country? Those idiotic protesters are always standing right in the path of projectiles, even when the Oakland Police were aiming guns at their heads! What morons. How dare they stand on sidewalks and streets! Don't they know the sidewalks and streets of the USA belong to poor overworked mayors and police departments to arbitrarily close at their will? You would think the ordinary citizens had actually PAID FOR the right to be on sidewalks, streets and in parks!!!! Idiots! And the vets? After going abroad and fighting for the rights of Americans to be shoved around, censored and falsely portrayed in Murdoch's lying partisan propaganda machine - who do they think they are? They act like they are entitled to wave the Bill of Rights around like they OWN IT! They must be stopped!

Those crazy, crazy guys should feel lucky that only two veterans, that we know of, have been viciously brutalized by police actions. When Scott Olsen is recovered from his head injuries, I hope the police remind him of how thankful he should be that they just didn't kill him for the brazen criminal act of just standing there! As if he had the right to do it! He's not even a millionaire! I hope you keep it up, Napoleon Bloomberg, and encourage the NYPD to continue mocking protesters and illegally hiding their names from the citizens they are sworn to protect! I mean, they aren't REALLY sworn to protect citizens are they?*wink wink*

Mayor Bloomberg, you clearly seem to be the ONLY man capable of leading this city, and you've already declared yourself as the Greatest Mayor New York has ever had... Would you please explain to the people who owe you their lives, and whose duty it was to vote for you, why they are idiots to think they deserve more protection than streets and businesses? Seriously, the citizens of the United States and New York City are downright delusional! They have to be taught! And telling them the truth wont help, so please continue rejecting 311 calls from Zucotti Park, and continue ordering NYPD to stand down at the park and to ignore the crimes people report as they do per your orders and Little Mayor Kelly. I mean if the park is actually protected by police, you can't go on TV and radio and lie about how the protesters don't report crime! And when you take the generators away in harassing behavior, and you do not allow port-a-potties that so many celebrities have offered to provide (because you don't want these people to have sanitation), you create the distractions and much needed safety concerns that didn't exist! Now you can set about the important work of portraying these lawless, fornicating animals the way they should be smeared! I meant portrayed, sorry.

You know, I support OWS and go to Zucotti everyday. I cannot tell you how many times I have been raped and murdered, urinated on, smeared with feces and told that the group hates Israel. Mr. Murdoch - if you have a second to lift your head up from counting your pile of gold coins - that's what I'm supposed to say, right? Maybe I should ask Breitbart. With your legal troubles, Mr Murdoch, and the huge ethical questions swirling around you integrity and  your businesses, I really shouldn't be troubling you right now. I'm sorry. That was pretty low of me, wasn't it. And, I applaud the fearless investigative journalism you have insisted on at FOX for delving deep into the British Hacking Scandal, and your near ouster at NewsCorp. By objective, relentless investigation you reveal your high moral standing as a media mogul. Truth above all else, even personal agenda- so brave, so very inspiring.

Oh, Rupert, Rupert, Rupert.....You truly inspire billions of people all around the world through your work. And your close relations with Mayor Bloomberg are touching. Thank you for helping him spread the RIGHT kind of propaganda. It would be awful if the Post or Wall Street Journal focused on the movement of Occupy Wall Street, and it's gathering momentum. Psst- between you and me,  I think I saw a few protesters raping the carriage horses outside of Central Park! In broad daylight! the American People need to know this!!! Is there still time to get that on the front page of tomorrow's Post? It would be heartbreaking waste of an opportunity if  people actually saw this group as the broadly supported movement internationally that it is. Why haven't the police started killing  them yet? And why hasn't Homeland Security started to "disappear" people yet? Guantanamo is probably too nice for these jobless, lazy, pot-smoking, oversexed hippies anyway. Both of you men are so right to protect the American People from the truth! Why don't the people in middle America get it through their stupid heads that Businesses run the show, and the politicians here! The only thing Real Americans need to do is sit in front of the TVs, keep their money in big banks, and do alot of shopping, right? The lazy unemployed bastards are always just ignoring the millions of unfilled jobs here in the USA. Disgusting socialist pigs. Only businessmen and millionaires make good policy, everyone should know that by now? How could anyone not living off of Wall Street know anything? Duh....

In closing, I don't know why you two men, Mayor Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, don't just build an electric fence around Zucotti Park? Wait- why not build it around every bank, park and street entrance? Someone has to keep the Americans out of America! Actually,  Bloomberg could treat them all to pizza, or better yet, a last meal from Cipriani's! Then, you can line them up and shoot them all against the walls of the buildings at Wall & Broad Streets! As a great lesson to future generations! Do it near the shrapnel marks on the walls from that early 20th Century Anarchist bombing at the stock exchange that killed people! Because *wink wink* we all know that's what these people are here for, right? I do wish these mongrels would get on with it and just violently riot already. The police must be exhausted from having to do all their own rioting in this country! That is an unfair burden to place on our public *wink wink* servants! The NYPD deserves a spa day and mani-pedis as an expression of thanks, paid for by the Occupy Wall Street Movement! I hope those ungrateful arrested, beaten protesters are sued and forced to pay every cent of a week-long spa retreat!

Ungrateful bastards. Bill of Rights? Human Rights? Don't make me laugh. All that pot must have given them some sense of entitlement. Losers.

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