Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] [Interocc] Heading into winter
From: Colin Young
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 14:06:23 -0600
To: Vlad T <>, Lefty <>,

     I'm hoping by sending this out to get ideas generated and discussion going on an occupation-wide media system.  I feel at times that we have only the extremes of what is possible.  On the one hand is established media who conveniently disappear at the most critical moments and don't look closely enough at events like Oakland, where destructive anarchists were actually ejected from the march and the protestors actually did their best to repair damage done.  On the other hand we have the raw live feeds which can be emotionally draining and frightening to many "middle" Americans.  What coverage does exist that takes a moment for analysis and contextualizes the imagery is usually borrowed from what few professional networks allow such programming (RT, Countdown, etc).

     I would like to help promote a framework for media going forward.  This would involve several strategies with a preference towards local content control.  There should be an emphasis to create documentary programs that show the workings of an occupy movement at the ground level, such as General Assembly meetings and peaceful actions.  As well, a disciplined method of live coverage should also be encouraged.  I may be alone on this, but i cringe a bit when the person behind the camera begins taunting police or displays other behaviors that make them indistinguishable from the protest itself (which can cause many to question the objective impartiality of the coverage).

I would hope to build a team that would include, logistics willing:
-Dedicated presenters offering context to the imagery.
-Researchers monitoring activity on social networks and other sources.
-Writers for website text articles and on-air dialogue.
-Technicians recording, producing programs and coordinating live event coverage.
-Observers on the ground feeding information up to the "studio," possibly including live remote spot reports from 4G devices whose feeds will patch into the main broadcast.

     Many of these tasks can be done asynchronously and remotely through various electronic mail and messaging systems.  In some cases, a range of functions might be handled by a single participant.  A summary of interesting GA proposals and decisions from across the movement and the responses generated by them would be another great idea for programming during the daytime hours when there is less chance of breaking news.

     I know there are efforts underway to expand the number of streams and provide training for teams and would like to know what other plans and systems might be in the works to coordinate with.  The strategic preparation of Occupy Nashville last week on the 3rd night of arrests was inspiring, with scouts sending updates through Twitter of every move the authorities made, multiple camera angles ready to cue and other well-planned and executed operations.  I would like to help make this sort of framework the minimum standard of sorts to improve our ability to show the world what happens when the official media is ordered away.

     Any direction, advice, or knowledge of other similar ideas underway would be appreciated.  Also, major thanks to Vlad and crew getting our livestream channel verified!  You can contact us at

Thanks for your time,

Colin Young

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