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Fighting Corporate America 101
Operation Robin Hood
The premise of this article is that corporate America does not care if people protest in the streets. Corporate America only cares about money and profit. Therefore to affect the flow of money to a corporation is the ultimate form of protesting. This kind of protesting can be done form you home and the only weapons needed are the telephone and access to the internet for most of the fighting activities listed.
The new vocabulary of fighting corporate America is as follows. The following are lists of fighting strategies, and individual methods of taking on the corporate entities. Be sure to mix and match tactics. All of the fight strategies’ depend on one concept, and that is business is completed in America because when someone stands in a line everyone expects that line to move forward, and that everyone wants to get through the line in a orderly fashion, so people can go about there day. All of the following strategies fly in the face of that thinking.
  1. Phone Banking- this is a group of people that are willing to use there telephone to call 800 number to deny legitimate customers the ability to contact a company and to buy a product or service. The companies that are vulnerable are one with 800 numbers to conduct most of there business.
  1. Phone Jamming- the act of calling a companies phone number in order to deny legitimate business to be conducted over the phone lines. If enough people call a phone number lets say 10,000 many people will get a busy signal, and other will get cut off. If someone in the act of phone jamming get a sales rep they simply need to ask the person about there product, and keep them on the phone as long as possible. That the end the jammer can say thing line, I don’t buy products form people that buy advertising space with Fox News, or perhaps on a funny note they could say long live Robin Hood. The options are endless, but the effects are the same there is only eight hours that a person can work and take phone calls, and there are 24 hours in a day. This method is designed to rob corporations of there time and ability to conduct business over the telephone. Vulnerable companies are any company that does business over the phone.
  1. Wolf Pack- This is a different type of phone jamming. This is when a company has hundreds of company locations. An example is a pizza chain. Where each store has its own phone number. This call for Phone Jammers that have free long distance, or available time on there cell phones. The list of company phone numbers needs to be split among the thousands of Phone Jammers, and the need to call only the four or five phone numbers on there list. This would allow 100-500 different phone numbers to be shut down, and a larger target to be attacked. Vulnerable companies are one with local phone numbers.
  1. Line Jamming- This method of fighting corporate America will need people to stand in any type of line and slow it down. Lets say the target corporation is a shopping center. Thirty people can get into a line with a full backet of groceries, and after ringing up the products. The person can say “it looks like I left my money at home, and then the person can walk off. The next type of line jamming will be in a drive thought line. A person can take a lone time to order, and then end by saying “never mind I really don’t want anything” after spending five minutes trying to decide. Vulnerable companies are one that have a cash register, and a payment line to conduct business.
  1. Order Jamming- This is where many people call and make fake orders, or order in a fast food line and then drive away. Vulnerable companies are any one that takes orders over the phone and expect to be paid when the service is completed.
  1. Service Jamming- This is where large number of people call a customer service line to jam up the lines. Vulnerable companies any company with a customer service phone number.
  1. Key Fight Time (KFT)- This is when mass business is done, and example is lunch hour, and dinner hour in a restraint. This is a time when companies are the most venerable to jamming activities. Vulnerable companies any company that has a cretin time of day where business is higher, and is more secceptiable to jamming activities.
  1. Corporate Bleeding- anything that takes away corporate profits, and time to earn profits is a form of corporate bleeding. Vulnerable companies any for Profit Corporation.
  1. E-Jamming- This is where large number of people e-mail a company and give false information to them about wanting to order. Fake e-mail accounts, fake phone numbers, fake address. Vulnerable corporation any one with an e-mail
  1.  Snail-Mail Jam- This is large numbers of fake orders being sent to the companies mailing address. Vulnerable companies are any one that have a mail address.
  1. Door Jamming- This is large numbers of people standing in a doorway to block access to other customers. Vulnerable companies are one that have a door for client access.
  1.  Appointment Jamming- This is where fake appointments are made in order to use the service. Vulnerable companies are one that make appointments to conduct business, and that also needs people to show up to complete the transaction.
  1. B-Heading- This is the first type of targeted and personal attacks. This is where everyone that phone jams call a company and demands that a CEO or some person be fired. There are several examples of this already working. Example the talk show hosts Glen Beck, Don Imus both lost fame, and eventually there jobs after outrageous statements that they made. If enough people demand someone one to be fired, and if it costs the company time and money that the corporation could be making they will be fired. Vulnerable people are any one that you can think of.
  1. Supply Jam- This targets the companies suppliers. This would be fake orders to a corporate supplier. This could be a person calling a supplier, and canceling an order, or doubling an order. This would be to make the business not have good relation ships with there suppliers, or simply not have enough product to sell. Vulnerable companies are all companies that need products to complete a job.
  1. Road Jamming- This is the largest type of jamming and it will effect everone that is trying to get to work. This would be five or six people slowing down and stopping on a free way to stop people form getting to work. This would also work for trains as well. This would be the fastest way to stop production in America, and that would de to stop all highways, and trains form moving. Vulnerable companies are all companies.
  1. Employee jamming- This is calling all of the working to a company and tell them that they are not needed tomorrow and that there is no need for them to come in. All companies are vulnerable.
  1. Fake sale- This is a fake sale one that is not real and will generate many mad customers. This could start by a fake website, or radio ad telling people about a really good, but fake sale. When the people come to buy they will find out the sail was not real, and this would cause many people not to like the company.
  1. TP- This is when a person lets of a pepper spray buy either the door of a business, or a some kind of stink spray.
The first part of this battle is to get this information out, so Face book this link, and twitter this link, and e-mail this link to others.
In the end there could be hundreds of more trick and tactics that will cost companies money, and the important ting is to start denying them that profit, and to then have a list of demands ready when they beg you to stop.  All companies will be vulnerable to several of the above fighting tactics. So pick your tactics well, and don’t be afraid to mix and match tactics. The WAR against corporate America starts now and it may be years before it is over. Remember you need to be in this for the long hall. Corporate America needs to fear the people, and not the other way around. Remember no one needs to be heart in this war. The fight is to deny a company access to customers because they are not acting in the people best interest.
The first demand should be if corporations are people then they should pay ordinary income tax, and they should be forced to be good corporate citizens by the people.
Good luck and happy fighting.
Ling Live Rodin Hood!
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