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From: Margaret Flowers
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 09:02:03 -0500

Dear Friends,

Below is a letter we wrote to Moveon/Rebuild the Dream. We see that their efforts to claim the Occupy Movement as their own has increased since their meeting with the White House last week. Please let us know if you are willing to sign onto this letter. Once we have signatures, we will organize a national press conference call.

In peace and solidarity,
Margaret Flowers

Occupy Movement tells MoveOn to Back Off

The Occupy Movement is an independent movement looking for radical transformation of the political process in the United States so that Wall Street no longer runs the government and economy; and our resources are used to meet human needs and environmental protection rather than being used to funnel wealth to the top 1%.

This organic bottom-up movement arose in response to public policies that have been promoted by both the Democratic and Republican parties, policies that promote privatization of public functions such as housing, healthcare and education, that cut our social safety nets, and that provide unlimited spending for war and increasing surveillance of our people.

MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream are fundamentally different from the Occupy Movement. MoveOn/Rebuild the Dream is a top-down organization that functions to bring people into the Democrat party. MoveOn has a history of using progressive language and latching on wherever progressive momentum is being created and using it for their own agenda.

MoveOn did this is 2007 and allowed the Democrats to continue to fund war when the majority of people in the US and all of the anti-war groups opposed funding of the war. As a result, thousands have been killed.

MoveOn did this again in 2009 when it refused to consider single payer health care even though it is supported by a supermajority of people in the US and the majority of physicians. Instead, MoveOn supported what the Democrats wanted and assisted in the passage of legislation that continues to leave tens of millions either uninsured or unable to afford health care.

We will not allow MoveOn/Rebuild the Dream to co-opt the Occupy Movement. So we say to MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream, “Back off and stop using the language of the Occupy Movement.” If you would like to encourage your membership to attend Occupy Movement actions, you are welcome. However, you have no place creating an Occupy Newspaper, holding Occupy houseparties or claiming actions organized by the Occupy Movement as your own.


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