Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: [Interocc] Requesting your support for this letter
From: Lefty
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 08:54:11 -0800
To: Andrew Rose
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I suspect it would be more productive, if it were possible to manage it somehow within our general framework, to designate some "representatives" (I know, I know, see the PS…) to approach MoveOn and others privately, initially, and suggest that while the Occupation would welcome their _endorsement_ of our movement and our general grievances, and would certainly welcome individual members to join and participate in their local GAs, their attempting to piggyback on the movement's message is definitely unwelcome, creates confusion, dilutes and confuses our message, etc.

I'd take along the text of the proposed letter, and further suggest to them that if it's necessary to bring it before the NYCGA, call for the assembly to repudiate their organizations publicly — similarly to what Oakland did a few days ago — and put out press releases regarding that repudiation out to every media outlet that anyone in the movement knows about, we'd be prepared to do that, and to continue to speak out publicly against their attempted co-option.

I'm not at all worried about "hippies versus hippies" press, we're getting that anyway, like it or not. It's an "image" problem we need to attempt to address somehow, but it's an entirely separate issue. This is the equivalent of "trademark infringement", in which MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream are diluting the impact of the messaging which we've created. (Under "usual" circumstances, a political advocacy group would have slogans like "We Are the 99%", "Occupy <<mumble>>", and so forth trademarked — we've already seen attempts by "entrepreneurs" to make our message their own property — but that seems like an issue for the Legal folks…)



PS: I'm using the term in the specific context of "person or people that the GA, or responsible working group, consents to designate to deliver this particular, specific message". That's too long to type on a regular basis.

Below is a letter we wrote to Moveon/Rebuild the Dream. We see that their efforts to claim the Occupy Movement as their own has increased since their meeting with the White House last week. Please let us know if you are willing to sign onto this letter. Once we have signatures, we will organize a national press conference call.

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