Subject: Re: [NYCGA-IWG] OWS Constitution Working Group
From: Tom Gillis
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 01:40:54 -0500

Hi Bob and Judith -

While we're waiting for the site admins to sort out their policy on
group admission I was wondering if you could share a little on the
mission of your working group.  The "Constitution" is a pretty broad
topic after all.  For example, one of the NYC General Assembly's
Principles of Solidarity is "Recognizing individuals’ inherent
privilege and the influence it has on all interactions"  - do you does
your working group teach how Constitution is a document that enshrined
white male privilege as the law of the land when it was ratified? For
example, it provided the legal framework for slavery to remain in
effect for 70 years, and denied women the right to vote for over 120
years.  I ask in the interest of inclusiveness as there are many
people who are part of OWS (for example, native peoples, people of
color, women) who feel that the Constitution has traditionally been
deficient in guaranteeing them the equal rights it claims to provide
for all.

In Solidarity,


On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 11:23 PM, NYCGA Support <> wrote:
Bob and Judith,
Apologies. I was unaware that all group creation is on hold at
I'm passing on this short message from a member of the IWG:
"We are in a real shit about all these new groups and how to handle them.
Please bare with us for a few more days as we develop a strategy. Your
current plan to go to GA is the best idea. Get the group going using
traditional means, info should be able to post events if you need them to.
We will have a system soon.
Apologies again for any inconvenience.
Matt Support

On 9 November 2011 15:11, NYCGA Support <> wrote:

Hi Bob and Judith,
We'll get right onto that.
Matt Support
On 9 November 2011 09:44, jmw <> wrote:

We handed the registration form into Scott last Wednesday night to get
the Constitution Working Group signed up for internet access

Haven't heard anything!

Have sent two other emails.

Please advise on status.

Thank you much!

Bob and Judith