Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: Spokes Council - Nov 7 - 7:30 PM - 411 Pearl St.
From: Charlie G
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 09:47:13 -0500
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Hello everyone,

This is Charlie GreenBus with Mobile Occupation. What we are doing together is amazing & I want to thank all of you and acknowledge all the work structure & facilitation have put in to help our infrastructure evolve.

The whole 1st Spokes Council experience really helped me to both appreciate how far we've come and to see a few things that might help us moving forward.

Firstly, I would like to point out that this is an Operations Spokes Council, that has been born out of the need to better manage logistics within the park's infrastructure - that is why some of the groups are obvious...Kitchen, Sanitation, Comfort, etc.

I feel like all the groups feel like they won't be involved in decisions unless they have a spoke, and that this is largely due to it being the only spokes council so far.  If all the movement groups got together to discuss a structure for a Movement Spokes Council I think that would become a really integral forum for everyone interested in where the movement is going, as opposed to how to operate as a village.

I feel like even the caucuses are a little inappropriate in the Operations Spokes Council, and that the Movement Groups and Caucuses should be able to come to any of the formed Spokes Councils to present proposals and concerns.

I think lot of the confusion that needs further discussion is due to there being many groups that it isn't clear to everyone what they are actually doing or how it may be different than another group that seems rather similar.  Having some forum for all these groups to simply be in the same room and talk with one another I believe may sort this out more smoothly (and more fun) than in the forum of the operations spokes council (and it's seemingly infinite discussion stack... :-)

I also attended the national conference call. The Winter Garden at the World Financial Center is a great space :-)
People can plug into what is happening with the national calls at

Lastly, thank you all for being inspired and participating in changing the world.

Charlie Gonzalez

On Nov 9, 2011, at 2:25 AM, Urbaned <> wrote:

When I saw the Spokes Council proposal at the Friday night GA a few weeks ago, I was astounded; a new government was being created right before my eyes. If only our Education Revolution GA group was further along - we could have shown our students in real time. But, we can always teach them about the beginning of our brave new world!