Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] secured p2p plan-b IT infrastructure
From: Ingvar Bogdahn
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 00:35:00 -0800 (PST)

Hi there,

I'm from berlin, and as many other cities we don't have the luxury to have camp in the public that is tolerated by the police, take oakland, take paris. Of course we try to change that, but since communication is open, police is happily and gratefully reading our mails including those concerning preparations of camp actions. Even if we try to keep things secret, some guys often can't keep quiet and give them some indications. There are other reasons to think about a plan-b infrastructure for the long term, that is resilient to easy-peasy surveillance and online-repression.
Althought we have a hard time to make up the 99% consensus (because if you take the 99% literally and honestly, there are much more than 1%, rather 15% of the population, that is perfectly fine with the system as is), one day we may hopefully- have more coherent, "large consensus-compatible" claims, that is so rational and undeniable that we may ultimately also get more support in the population.
At that point, we may at some point, pose a real threat to a lot of powerful people, in both politics and industry. We saw at the example of wikileaks, that they are not exactly bad at the good old FUD strategy, but also they are not exactly incompetent at finding ways to hamper the website, payments etc.
Therefore, -very generally- we should anticipate what there actions they might take and have a strategy about his. IT-specific, we should consider to get a working plan-b information infrastructure. I'm a big friend of cooperation, you guys in NY seem to be better organized, and have lots of IT people. Lets think about it.

Concrete suggestions:
- dependency on DNS is a vulnerablility that manifested clearly with wikileaks. How about exposing domain names of all sites additionally using i.e. namecoin, and distribute instructions on how to use it? For sake of simplicity and not disturbing usability, afaik this can happen in addition to the normal DNS powered resolution
- why not have a basic infrastructure based on one of the following secure peer-to-peer networks: freenet, gnunet, I2P (don't know which is the most suitable).
- establish encrypted email and also phone (, there is also one for android). Note: encryption makes perfect sense also for non-critical communication, otherwise the critical information is like flagged as :"hey guys, bruteforce me, i'm important".

You may say: we want to stay open, nor play their shitty game of secretivity. We don't want paranoia. We don't want to "provoke" them, by arming up. You may say, anyways they will always beat us in term of IT power and competence. I understand and even agree with those things perfectly. But we should be prepared, we should have a plan b.

solidary greetings!


PS:  i read you use bitcoin for donations? I read in wikipedia yesterday about all the fraud stuff. What's your current evaluation, should we also get that or another currency? Where can I find info on your experiences with it?