Subject: Re: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] communications cluster meeting tonight
From: Devin Balkind
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 16:44:50 -0500
To: "" <>

I agree with your assessment.  2 spokes cluster meetings a week should be enough, and a free day on Wednesday for group meetings would be awesome.


On Nov 9, 2011, at 12:55 PM, Christian Smith-Socaris <> wrote:

If we have a meeting in the evening during the week it's going to conflict with either spokescouncil or GA.  I get pushback about conflicting with the GA so picked a spokescouncil night.  Do people think that a bad compromise?  I'm a fan of having a couple weekdays with no ows-wide meetings, but the structure folks don't seem to be moving in that direction.  Happy to schedule this whenever, but something always conflicts.


On 11/09/2011 12:40 PM, ∆ patricia ∆ wrote:
spokes council is tonight.
same time
same place

On Nov 9, 2011, at 12:35 PM, Andrew wrote:

Christian and all,

Is there a Comm Cluster meeting tonight, and/orspokes council?